The day before

So….starting radiotherapy tomorrow and feeling good. Upbeat that the process will be positive and cure the cancer. Prepared well I think with the massive help of my wife, Alison. Food in the freezer although more to do there. Creams, lotions and other needed accoutrements are in place. Not going to kid myself that this will be an easy ride but have people who are willing to help. My greatest worries are for Ali and the children…I at least have some control over my treatment. I am sure they will all be fine and my noddy worries are for nowt. I know the rest of the family will rally around. It was brilliant to see my mum and dad recently…never see them enough.

Tomorrow has seemed a long time coming. The experience of the hospital has been odd. With such a lot of visits and treatment I have gained an interesting insight into the NHS. The people who have cared for me, treated me, consulted and so on have been excellent. You can really tell why they do what they do for a job. The communication between departments, ambulances, admissions, secretaries and re eptionists is abysmal. There is a large management role there for someone. If I was not in Education it would be the place to work.

I will post again tomorrow after first treatment.


One thought on “The day before

  1. Evening Mark, JAG here. You won’t be surprised that my technical incompetence has taken me this long to become involved in the log. Officially, I have waited until a historically significant date to respond!!

    I’m sure that you will have introduced the uncommunicative hospital staff to your check-list strategy for performance improvement by now.

    Having read the other responses, I have to say that I agree with MOGS about the ‘tits out’! Good to feel the positive energy in your comments and that irrepressible sense of humour!

    Good luck with the next stage – I’ll keep in touch via this link. Good luck for tomorrow’s treatment and look forward to hearing your next thoughts.

    Best wishes, thoughts and prayers.



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