The 1st pebble for the jar

It finally all got started today. I had the first of 30 radiotherapy sessions.

The day began with a trip to a totally different hospital this morning taking my youngest to the minor injuries unit. He got smashed on the nose at rugby. Took the time whilst we were waiting to tuck into a fry-up…and the dietition thought I might not have an appetite, PISH. A jolly nurse saw him and said that when the swelling has gone down in 7-10 days then bring him back if he is deformed. I liked the way she phrased it.

Zoomed from there to school where I saw a few colleagues, which was nice, and then to my hospital. Ushered through to brand new away station. Met companions along the road to recovery. Everyone seemed upbeat. I think they could tell I was nervous. When I was asked through I saw the behemoth of the machine that is to cure me. Very sci-fi. I was almost introduced to it by the radiotherapist who took me on a full tour. I zoned out at times due to the general cacking myself feel. I forgot to get changed before I came into the machine room and therefore today I was treated ‘tits out’. A bit chilly in the room as parts of my body showed. Certainly no frill and incredibly functional was the order of the day. The treatment was to last for about 20 mins…mask on and music started. I cannot explain the restriction you feel n the room. The mask ties you to the bed and of course movement by you means that they might zap the wrong area. As it is saliva, speech, taste will all go wrong during the process so do not want to cause myself more difficulties. The CD that was playing was gentle music and was soothing until the CD got stuck on ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ which it then repeated for about 5 minutes…at that point, tied down and listening to the repeat it took me back to Vietnam…and by that I mean the classic Rambo and Missing in Action films. Think happy thoughts! Think happy thoughts! Tried to play a round of golf in my head but amazingly I was just as crap as I am in real life so that got frustrating. Definitely need some help with relaxing. Need about 18-20 mins of chill.

The pebble in the jar has now moved and only 29 to go. Good to have started. Feel almost elated tonight because of that but not helped by the fact our heating is buggered and I have a 1720 appointment tomorrow.

Check out my mask and faceless others on a rack at the link below.


2 thoughts on “The 1st pebble for the jar

  1. Now that’s a mask and a half, not what I expected at all. As I pray I’ll picture you like some semi-super hero pinned to the table…though the ‘tits out’ image is making me shudder slightly!
    Went to the cinema last night with Faye to see Gone Girl – have you seen it? Long film but it pulls you in and there are some unseen surprises that raise an eye brow or two. I’m thinking the cinema in the next few weeks might be a place to go to do your facial exercises in the dark.
    You won’t be surprised to hear I did a Gunpowder Plot WoT! yesterday. Jonesy joined in as we had an argument over the type of ginger to use in ginger cake. Great fun and I think the kids got the message – though I’m not sure what one of the candidates for your temporary replacement made of it. I certainly didn’t see him joining in with the new actions I made up to go with the theme tune!!
    Anyway Oh-one-Oh-five, must leave it there for now. 5-20 – it’s in my sights. Here’s to pebble two.


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