Chemotherapy numero uno

Writing this very tired after 7 hours at the hospital. Went through the intravenous bits and bobs, as proved by today’s photo….I think the hairy hand involved also proves that I was descended from apes.

Just imagine the pain when all that plaster was ripped off. Wonderful to have Alison with me today as the ability to talk rubbish and sometimes not with her was unbelievably enjoyable. Had radiotherapy as well – the music today was strange as there was a punk theme – started with American Idiot by Green Day (?) Still it passed the time. Found out why the machines were broken the other day. If you have prostate cancer one has to fill the bladder before treatment so that it shows up on the scan. Unfortunately he could not hold it in and shorted out all the machines. Money to be made by water proofing the machines!

Too tired to write more.  will ring my mum and then go to bed.


3 thoughts on “Chemotherapy numero uno

  1. Selfy,

    Can I say I’m enjoying your blog very much as it’s shows that you still have your sense of humour! From personal experience a person keeping their sense of humour is a great sign.

    As for the ‘Man in the iron mask’ object you have to endure every session, it makes you look like a super hero (I’m still very much in the process of a suitable name)! And as for the mares it leaves on your head, if you would like to keep that pattern I can recommend a very good tattooist.

    Yesterday mini Selfy was assistant coach for th U11 A’s showing great Selfy skills but with one exception he managed to coach the team to a victory, a better coaching record than yourself.

    Keep battling through pal and I look forward to seeing more pebbles in the done jar!!!!


  2. Well done you, a big hurdle over. I am just about to make you a banana cake and cookies for the boys, Will hopefully manage to have a cuppa with Alison later when she collects them. Hope you are not feeling grotty today


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