Yucky day

Been feeling really down not helped by sickness. Taking the tablets that I have been prescribed for the sickness and they have worked to some degree. On steroids as well….not sure why, might be to boost my immunity as the cystplatin destroys all my white blood cells as well as the icky stuff. The radiotherapy was not what I wanted and had to drag myself there. Thank you Mandy for some delicious banana bread and cookies…I have not been able to sample them yet but Ali did for me…the boys like the cookies. Making my loved ones happy is important to me. Once again thank you, Mandy.

The only brief excitement of the day was filming that was being done at the hospital – the other day it was Sue Barker in the Helen Rollason centre for a Christmas special – today they were filming part of an episode of ‘Spy’. Ali was walking in the background when they shouted action so who knows her buttocks might become a star(s).

Need to sleep early tonight. Radiotherapy again at 10am tomorrow. At least I get Sunday off. I think that larry the Lump may have shrunk after yesterday’s Chemo. Love to all, x


3 thoughts on “Yucky day

  1. I’m guessing the only upside of feeling so yuck is that dulls the pain of daytime TV. Jeremy Kyle probably didn’t seem quite as excruciating as usual. It’s not much consolation though, is it?

    Sitting in parents evening waiting endlessly to see parents that I’ve never met before so I couldn’t check them off allowed me a moment to think how could I improve this most eagerly anticipated activity by staff. I came up with all staff attending creating a 5 x 3 grid, shading one square in the top row, two in the middle and one in the bottom. Then, before taking their seat, each member of staff writes the names of 10 children/their parents in the available spaces. They’re then in a game of secret Bingo. On the PowerPoint, that endlessly loops round you could insert the different games, being played, LINE, Corners, Full House. Being the total professionals we are, (there can be no calling out of ‘House’) staff discreetly hand in their card to the Head of Year who’s patrolling to check if they’ve won.
    What d’ya think, worth pitching to the Dragons?!

    Gotta go, didn’t sleep last night as the roof school had fixed over the summer was leaking, again. Argh!

    Hope you feel better over the weekend before you add stone 6 to the ‘done’ jar.

    Take care


  2. Selfy
    Hope you were fit enough to watch the internationals today – hope to catch up later on tv.
    Open day very busy but needed you to answer a few academic queries-goodness only knows what they will think of my answers to scholarship/entry queries!
    Game 2 rugby starting to take shape-today the boys were really up for it and it got quite rough by our standards!
    Wheeling out some selfy drills and a few Valhalla comments.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Ask if you need anything even company.

    Love Cloughs


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