Sat and Sun

Sat around yesterday after treatment in the morning. More ‘Spy’ being filmed. Continued to feel really crappy. Could not sleep during the day and took some time at night. Not keen on the steroids as they make me a bit restless. Did enjoy watching a bit of Jacob playing rugby on Saturday. They won well and he set up a try…proud daddy. The rain made me go home early.

Woke up this morning feeling a little better and have eaten more today which is good as I have to keep the calories up to help fight the treatment. A couple of milkshakes and some awesome carrot and coriander soup. Going to try a slightly bigger meal this evening and see how it goes. New books from library to start the new week.

Got sent the date for my stomach tube to be fitted which as you can imagine made me feel down. I do not react well to anaesthetic and it is being done on the day of chemo and radiotherapy. Very poor effort. I will speak to the Dr tomorrow about it. Worried about the week ahead as I am starting to feel the effects of radiotherapy. Lack of saliva and a large reduction in taste. Starting to feel the back of the throat. Not enough for painkillers yet but will not be far away.

Need a shot in the arm as I am not feeling as good about this process as maybe I should. Thank you to these people that have written, sent me things and given me kind words. It means so much when I am down.


6 thoughts on “Sat and Sun

  1. Selfy
    Sorry you not feeling so good, bound to be tough to start with so grit your teeth lad. Don,t suppose the Autumn internationals cheered you up much although Ireland were impressive. Glad Jacob put in a good performance on Sat. We are playing Bedford on Wednesday, Silky coming down for day to see Bill etc. Come and join us if you are up to it, I’m sure teasing Silky would be a tonic.
    Hope this week better than you are think it is shaping up.
    Xxx Cloughies


  2. Hi Selfy
    Great that you got to see Jacob yesterday and that he set up a try – must have been all that passing practice last year! We managed a W at Bedford Modern 19-0. Now we await the challenge of Silky’s Bedford on Wednesday.
    Anyway far more important I was reading the Telegraph today and found an article about a young lad aged 13 who at Clifton College in 1899 in a house match managed to score 628 not out which still stands to this day as the highest individual score. He went by the name of A E J Collins and was described as a player with “an easy manner, plays a very straight bat, keeps a keen eye on the ball and maintains admirable coolness”. He was “a lad of average build, showing wonderful powers of physical endurance”. Either on the cricket field or in everyday life, characteristics very much in your make-up although the “straight bat” and “average build” require careful thought!
    Here’s to a decent week for you and your “admirable coolness” and “physical endurance” will, I know, stand you in good stead. Master Collins also did a bit of bowling like yourself taking 11 wickets and his House won the match by an innings and 688 runs. MoM??
    All the best and see you soon
    Sandy and the Borthwick girls


  3. Hi Selfy

    Just back from an excellent boarders’ chapel service. You’d have enjoyed the hymns: Dear Lord and Father and Be Thou My Vision were right up your street. Lots of contemplative time – I always think of Dad (a much older Dad, obviously!) who flew Wellington bombers and on reflection never really got over the experience. Moggs talked about our responsibility to promote and preserve peace, very good indeed.

    Had a long chat with The Big Fella for you.

    Ping a text if you fancy meeting up with Silky on Wednesday..

    Love to all.



  4. Hi Mark,
    after the inspiration of parent evening Bingo on Friday night I allowed myself a slight lie in till 6.30 on Saturday and was looking forward to the delights of a full English for breakfast at school. Yet laying in the bath take my ablutions (not an image you want to dwell on) the thought suddenly shot through the increasingly apparent empty space that exists between my ears that I’d forgotten I was meant to be meeting parents for the twice termly prayer breakfast. Blast, no hope of a sausage, a rasher or two beans and a hash brown. No, mugsy here needed to tidy up REST, snaffle half a dozen croissants and look as though he had it all under control!
    Having managed to pull that off, I then wanted to finish marking L6th essays on the Cosmological arguments whilst meeting and greeting OM parents and children. Somehow managed to do both those so that by the time break had finished, I was all marked up and ready to feedback. 11.15 came and went… as did 11.16 and 11.17…and so on till 11.25. No one has turned up, have I missed something on the calendar? Check calendar – no. Check registers – all in. Go see oracle that is Keith – no groups out. Blast, clearly after Friday’s timed essay they’d had enough of what they could take and had all decided to bunk off.
    I’m now on the war path, heading over to Alliott, 3 of the girls say that they always turn up late on Friday after break cos they have the furthest to go. The door bell is pressed, a 6th Former is summoned; no none of the girls are there, they’re in Young. Young?! Ha, so why does it take them so long. Stride into Young, the cool exterior masking the red hot rage I’m feeling. I politely ask the 3 6th Formers who are in Young if they’ve seen the conspirators. Oh yes, they were here at break and they took all their stuff for your lesson, files and everything.
    Another 6th Former joins us, ‘oh, I’ve just so and so – she was in business, are you sure its this lesson you’re meant to be seeing them and not lesson 5?’
    ‘Yes, of course I’m… erm… I… oh…’
    It’s not been a good week for remembering – still, I confessed to the class what I had thought they’d done and apologised for doubting them. How foolish was I to think that I was right and they were all in the wrong. How my wife puts up with me I’ll never know, I’m struggling to put up with me as it is!! Plenty of lessons to learn this week (and perhaps a few assemblies to be made from them as well).
    Anyway, I hope my incompetence may give you cause to raise a smile. Do let me know if you’d like any company during the week, to talk or not to talk. I’d be happy to read some of your books to you if you’re feeling not up to reading. Whatever you’d like, just let us know.


  5. Hoping this week goes well, said special prayers for you all on Sunday. As Winston Churchill would have said ‘Keep buggering on…’ and don’t let the ‘black dog’ get you down! Lots of love to you all xx


  6. Hi there,

    First of all I really hope you are not Irish or have Irish family. At the moment I cannot even stare a Guiness in the eye. Not sure if you watched the match but Ireland were absolutely awesome. The Springboks played crap but that is not taking anything away from the Oirish 😉

    I also think that England was so close to have nailed the All Blacks. This weekend’s match will be awesome to watch. You must just mention the word and I will smuggle a couple of cold ones in for you to sip on for the match. This side all the same and as per usual as it now rains for every Games session. But, if we can’t do it we should not have signed up.

    I absolutely sincerely wish you all of the best and can only pray and think of you and the family during this period. As we say, give it gas and all of the best.

    Kind Regards.



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