New week

Lovely to have a day off yesterday. Almost felt human by the end. Had a cracking steak and kidney pudding courtesy of Alison, which was the biggest thing I had eaten for some time. Woke up this morning ready to take on the world again. Some really lovely words of encouragement have come in. Thanks.

A bit of a pickle at the hospital today with regard to appointments but I have sadly got used to this now. One wonders who is ill at times. Still all the staff are amazing. All finished by about 2 pm and home. Started to feel tired again this afternoon/evening and the throat is definitely getting worse. Only to expected of course but one always hopes for the very best. Late appointment tomorrow and Wednesday so will need to keep myself going during the day. Alison is with me tomorrow so that is great. Psyching myself up already for the chemo on Thursday as that is what made me feel so low last week. Maybe I should spend more time in bed during these days(?) As far as I know there is no day off during this week so I will have a full weekend to be at home. I am sure that will be good.

No quips or interesting asides in this post as, to be honest, bugger all has happened to me. Maybe tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “New week

  1. Funny how things change – the fact that ‘bugger all’ gives us something to be thankful for shows just how upside life has become!
    Delighted to hear you enjoyed your steak and kidney pudding – Faye would have loved the opportunity to come and eat with you as I can’t abide kidney and other offally bits. Pathetic I know esp I know how good they are too, rich in the vits and mins, low in fat. But it’s the smell of kidney cooking that’s most off putting and as for the faff of cutting out the core… don’t get me started. Growing up I used to do it for my dad’s tea as my mum couldn’t bear touching them. Mind you I did always marvel at their structure once I’d dissected them. Dad usually liked his just pan fried (well he liked everything fried – grease your joints he used to say!) but I do remember following a recipe from the Hamlyn (?) all colour cook book – did your family have one? I thought every family in the early eighties had one of those – Devilled kidneys with a dash of sherry, onions and the like. However the kidneys were cooked he always got a slice of white bread and ‘soaked up the pan’, claiming it was the best bit. That’s not a tradition I’ve passed on to my girls.
    Using up the glut of Christmas cake fruit and apples from the garden I’ve made some bread pudding and apple flapjack with you guys in mind – didn’t know if the texture might not be good on the back of the throat, though. I’ll pop some in her pigeon hole unless I hear you rather I didn’t (quite understandable and no I won’t be offended).
    Sombre WoT! planned for tomorrow – rehashing what I did in the Boarders’ Evening service. Hopefully helping them to think about what they can think about in the two minutes silence. Yesterday I chose Dear & Father of Mankind as a hymn thinking that it was bound to be about war and stuff as it was written at that time. But no, found out the words are from a poem written by a Quaker who was protesting against exuberant worship practiced by some who took dodgy concoctions from the Indians in 19th Century America!
    In the SS we have the presentation of a sword, hopefully fingers and thumbs will stay in tact as it gets passed from speaker to head to librarian to maintenance man!
    So far this week I haven’t forgotten anything although I discovered this morning that I’ve managed to forget where I put the clicker and usb stick for my laptop last week – arrgghh! My better half has suggested that I actually think about things rather than just do them. Make a note of the things I put down etc. Either I’m going soft or actually that’s a rather good idea to take forward.
    Must leave it for now, eyes are getting tired. Be thinking of you tomorrow… now where did I put that nightcap I poured before I started this?… ah, there it is… cheers! (This one’s for you)


  2. Hi Mark,

    Just to say i’m reading your blog and that you, Alison and the boys are in my thoughts. Do let us know if there’s anything we can help with or need. What books are you reading? I’m reading a book called Whispers Underground which is rather good, about Policemen that practice magic.

    Love Rachel


  3. Hi Mark, It’s really good to get your updates on this blog. The treatments done jar is gathering pebbles now. Sorry to hear the chemo left you feeling crappy but glad you managed your steak and kidney pie over the weekend (although I can’t see the attraction with kidney – horrible stuff!!). Mike and I are thinking of you and send our love.


  4. Hi Mark,

    Well I have to say I feel a little odd as I’ve just settled down into your chair at your desk to look at some data in the peace and quiet of the office. I’ve now managed to distract myself from the latter by writing this ! Is it only a week ago that you started on this road and we were discussing Charlie’s “deformed” nose. He looked mildly disappointed when I suggested to him a couple of days later that it didn’t look too deformed !! I am truly inspired by your positive outlook and am appreciative of the time you are taking to keep us all informed of your ups and downs. I can’t understand Mogsy’s dislike of offal, your steak and kidney pie sounds great to me, indeed one of our stock dishes during my time as a student (along with the standard chilli) was kidney curry, yes that’s right, kidney curry. I think it had something to do with the cost but it’s still something I rustle up every now and again to this day ! Anyway, there’s plenty of time for spending more time in bed and when you get bored of Jeremy Kyle you could always watch reruns of Southampton’s journey to the top four…do you want Pochettino back ? (no thought not). We’re looking forward to taking on the mighty Bedford tomorrow and hopefully seeing Silky. My lot beat Bedford Modern 37 – 0 in a biblical downpour so bring it on I say. Hope today’s session goes/went according to plan. Now back to which swimming stroke to do as I try to avoid drowning whilst swimming in all of this data!

    All the best


  5. Hi Mark,

    Really good to read that you’re feeling happier today. I have to say, steak and kidney pie wouldn’t have been my choice of food…I would have gone for a massive slice of chocolate cake or apple crumble! Keep up with the positive thoughts – we’re all thinking of you at work.

    Lots of love,



  6. Mark,

    Can’t resist carrying on with the steak and kidney theme – we just have been to a posh family wedding where the reception was at the Ivy , and the meal served for the wedding breakfast ( and how can you call it breakfast at 5pm unless you are a university student?) was .. Steak and kidney pie . And very delicious it was too .

    Am missing you around school, and glad to hear that you are using a library so well , even though it’s not mine . Two authors coming in soon with their great Ww1 books for book club – you need to read them . Much better than watching Jeremy Kyle .

    Lots of love Rosie


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