Wow…I woke up this morning with not an iota of saliva in my mouth. It pretty much confirms the continuing destruction of my salivary glands. Trying to find drinks during the day to make up for the lack of moisture – water is so horrible now. Have been told that fizzy water might be better. Must get Ali on to that. After quite an uncomfortable morning and early afternoon towards treatment – really bad stomach for some reason – I find myself going to bed, tired, dry but in reasonably fine fettle. Managed to push to one side some of the anxieties of the week thus far and concentrate on getting things done. Tomorrow they have given me another really late session at 1630 so return home will be a nightmare. Might turn up early and see if I can jump the queue – so unlike me but one must look after oneself.

I have had a number of comments left recently, thank you. My choice of steak and kidney pudding (note pudding not pie) seems to have struck a cord of both support and disgust – nothing wrong with good honest, and cheap, offal. Tonight’s fair was from Jenny Marshall from the SS – a fabulous tagine. I had to let it down with liquid to help me eat it but I would suggest if you are ever offered a meal around her house then say yes as it was just so yummy. Could someone check the chair at my desk tomorrow as Eddom has been at it – 1. Has he broken it? 2. Is my bum groove still discernible? 3. Are there any sweets left in the jar? 4. He better not have tidied up my beautiful mess.

Clearly feeling a bit emotional today as I almost cried, not at 11/11 as one would expect, but rather to Avengers Assemble when Captain America asks Hulk to ‘smash’…..clearly all this treatment is screwing with me. Batman on the agenda for tomorrow so I bet I am a blubbering mess. Perhaps I am just one of these ‘new’ men. Either that or turning into a ‘Sheldon’.


2 thoughts on “Dry

  1. Hello Mark,

    just thought that I would bring you up to date about the status of your desk:

    Neil re-enacted the biblical parting of the waves with your ‘beautiful mess’ just to unearth your keyboard! Having found it he then worked silently for the longest I’ve ever seen him. He didn’t even have one of the sports channels playing on his phone next to him. Needless to say I’ll make sure that he returns everything to just how you like it. I didn’t like to check to see if there is still a DOS shaped bum groove after he had left. My favourite phrase at the moment seems to be: “That sounds like an Operational matter,” much to Adrian’s annoyance! I’m sure bum groove checking falls under his remit. The sweetie jars have been refilled, another operational task, thanks Adrian.

    You are never too far from my thoughts and as many others have said already, don’t be shy about asking for anything that we can do to help.



  2. Blimey, the treatment is ‘screwing with you’ – you actually thought Mr E might actually do some tidying up? … Only joking, Neil!! As to checkin’ out bottom indentations – You’re pushing the limit of friendship there me ole boy.
    At least you were in the privacy of you’re own home when having a manly blub – when my girls were little I took them to movies for Juniors on a Saturday morning as it only cost a quid and I confess to blubbing in the cinema at Disney’s Snow Dogs – the bit when they’re trapped in the cave on the mountain and the main guy is telling his dogs just how much they mean to him in case they don’t get out. My girls didn’t quite know what to do with themselves as the tears were rolling down and I had to scrounge a tissue from them!
    Remembrance at school was all carried out with great respect. The SS choir sang an anthem called Valiant Hearts with the music by Brucie – it was beautiful. Only one casualty during proceedings, a girl in the choir fainted during the standing of the Roll of Honour. Poor thing, it was a long time to be stood still. My eldest daughter keeled over the first time she came with me as I gave blood. All of a sudden she went white as a sheet, said the room had gone black and went down like a sack of spuds, the back of her head hitting the wooden floor of the town hall with a crack that had the medical staff running to her aid in an instant. An ambulance was summoned and we both got a ride to hospital with blue lights flashing – it all seemed a bit OTT, but we were truly grateful for the care and expertise we received.
    Just thinking, if you are getting bored in the days and fancy writing a few reports, then please do. You write the comments and I’ll match them to the child.
    All the best


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