Not Larry but Barry

Going to skim over the day. Great to see people at school and chat…a pity I could not see the Silkster…..missed the guys in mission control as well (only saw G briefly). Treatment this afternoon was el crappo. could not subvert the system and went in late and had to drive in rush hour. Long drive with headache that continues until now…which is bed time.

Only thing that made me giggle today was a story from my mother-in-law via Alison. Uncle Barry was over from Aus. You could not think of more of a ‘Pickwick’ than Uncle Barry. He is heavily into his travel, although intriguingly seems quite a novice at it, as he has been lost twice (?) on his trip to the UK this time…once in Greece and I forget the other place. He does have a habit of wandering off. Barry will find an alternative to everything – his greatest gift is finding a difference of opinion. I really like him and sad to have missed him this time. He went home on Sunday from Heathrow and as he was going through security they took him away to a small room. When asked why he was there and after answering lots of probing questions (I understand that was the only probing) the customs and police asked him brazenly whether he was carrying explosives. He replied in the negative but it still took them three searches to confirm this fact. Perplexed the police continued to give him the third degree until Uncle Barry admitted that he had been to a fireworks party on the Saturday and had not changed shoes or trousers. This is the truth as told – if Barry is reading he might like to tell us the truth. Barry if you are reading remember to never let the full truth get in the way of a good story.

Chemotherapy tomorrow and really worried as it made me feel so bad last time. Must spend more time in bed if needed. Long radiotherapy also as they need weekly scans….all told, ahhhhhh!


3 thoughts on “Not Larry but Barry

  1. Good to see you today albeit briefly. I’m sure that you noticed your desk was just as messy as ever, I did manage to tunnel through and find the keyboard. However I am a great believer in the 2013 research by Professor Kathleen Vohs and fellow researchers at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. To cut to the chase “Scientists found that being surrounded by clutter can promote creative thinking and stimulate new ideas. In contrast, working at a clean and prim desk may promote healthy eating, generosity and conventionality.” I rest my case, although I would have thought “generosity” should fit in with the clutter guys as in my survey of 2 people (you and I) 100% were found to be pretty generous ! Didn’t manage to thrash Bedford today, a hard fought 12-12 draw for my boys was the best result of the day in the 13s. 1sts played well but lost 26-12 in the end. Thoughts are with you for chemo number 2 tomorrow (probably today when you get round to reading this) at least it’s another step nearer and another stone in the jar.


    • Hi Mark – it was the absolute briefest of hellos for me today. As I reflect, I’m still not sure wether, as Director of Studies, you thought I should have given more or less time to you this morning, given that I was in the middle of teaching when you passed my door?!
      I also have another confession to make, so may as well get this one out in the open too!
      I was feeling remorseful that I hadn’t left you a ‘reply’ on here, but had been waiting for some witty inspiration that might cheer you up. Anyway, after congratulating myself on being ‘up with the times’ for following someone’s Blog, I wrote a message yesterday, only to find that I had forgotten my login details. By the time this had all been reset and confirmed, my message had long since evaporated!
      Totally useless, it’s official!!
      Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping that you might just feel a little better than you anticipate.
      Should Gary decide to serve up liver and onions, kidney curry, Or some such delicacy, I will be sure to get him to pop a portion in the freezer for a day when you have a little more appetite!
      Thank you for sharing ‘uncle Barry’ with us all. Almost as funny as the assumed indentation in your chair in the office!
      Love and all that soppy stuff,
      Rachael and the rest of the B-B clan xx


  2. It was soooo good to see you this morning Mr Self, and considering all that you’re going through you looked in really fine fettle – which just doesn’t seem right… I’m not sure if I should see that as a positive or as a negative.
    I appreciated your tact in choosing not to a) notice or b) comment on the growth I have on my top lip. Slik on the other hand showed no restraint and with all the diplomacy of Nigel Farage outside an asylum centre launched right in with, “Please tell me that’s only for Movember, right? It’s …” The cheek of it. It’s taken 45 years and four Movembers to get something above a shadow under my nose and whatsmore, yesterday after my ablutions I noticed that the darn thing was wonky. What is it with my hair lines, my head is beset with cow’s licks and curls which mean my hair never goes where I’d like it to and now the tash is misbehaving. Anyway, I couldn’t have a wonky tash on Remembrance so for the first time ever, I got out my tash trimmer and tried to even it up, without taking off too much so I accidentally ended up with an Adolf adornment – now that wouldn’t have been a good look on that day of all days.
    Double D (dose)-day tomorrow. At such times it’s sometimes good to remind yourself of familiar passages from the good book:
    Psalm 23… kind of…
    The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; he makes me lie down in green pastures.
    He leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul…
    Yea though I lie on the table of treatment
    I shall fear no therapies
    for my mask protecteth me
    and my wife (and friends though not near) are with me…

    with you all the way, Mark. and not just tomorrow but the days after.


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