Start at 0745, after dropping boys off, managed to get back 1630. Pumped full of nasty but curing drugs. Tired, exhausted now, but strangely not as bad as last week yet. Long may this continue. Will monitor whilst reading or listening to book in bed and try to drop off – a bit wired though. One more day/treatment for the week end and one third through my cycle. One third – better than a quarter which sounds so great. Less than a half which does not. A silly fraction but I suppose they all are – if fractions are infinite then why have whole numbers because by right they do not exist! Continuing proof that Mathematics is the biggest area of debate of them all – definitely not a Science but an Art. At least Science has the sense to try and disprove its axioms with experiment. And before anyone gets started I know that History is just interpretation and making stuff up that suits but maybe because of that it is so damned useful in life.

Tried to eat some pizza tonight. It seemed like a good idea at the time but friction was high – although stuffed crust helped – and currently it feels like a brick in the stomach. It is odd no matter how old you get one still does daft things that you know you should not do. Like the grandpa on the trampoline or the parent trying to win the parents’ race at sport’s day. Crazy when the result is just a knackered back, a torn hamstring/achilles with only the possible compensation of £250 from ‘You’ve been framed’. I will say that I have learned my lesson and then make an error similar tomorrow…or the same one in weeks/months to come.

Alison says I have been awesome today…and I love her, as always, for it. Sweet dreams.


3 thoughts on “Long

  1. Thank you for sharing today’s news, so pleased that thus far it ain’t as bad as last week. Dare I say it’s an answer to heartfelt prayer – but I know we aren’t out the woods yet and so I’ll keep sending them up.
    Started slaying the beast that is reports but after one and a half got distracted and end up watching online(and chocking back the tears) Sainsbury’s official Christmas advert . If you get the chance, go on YouTube and have a look. It ticks every box and trumps John Lewis’ Pingu dating agency ad by miles. You can also see a short 3minute story behind the ad- which fits in brilliantly with the Peace themed advent service I have in the back of my mind for the boarders.
    I’m hoping to get and see in the coming week, The Imitation Game that gets released this weekend. I know you don’t know how you might be feeling from day to day , but if you wanted a night out at the flicks watching a history based drama (with the added bonus of the lovely Kiera Knightley making an appearance), and felt up to it, then do let me know.
    When you think of a pie… but preferably not a steak & kidney one, and you picture a third – it is as you say, a satisfying slice. Lots of ground covered and nearly half way. I just wish you hadn’t written about it on a Thursday – one of my ‘fast’ days. The thought of sinking my gnashers into a crumbly crust of a steak and ale, chicken and ham or Cornish pasty is making me oh so hungry. When I refused the doughnut Brucie offered me this morning at our meeting he asked how long I’d been on the regime. Two years I told him. ‘Oh’ he said, ‘I thought it’d have started to take effect my now’ Bless ‘im!
    Anyway, back to that third of the pie, take heart young man, I’m sure your done jar is not looking quite as feeble as it did on Day 1.
    Rest well and I pray that you all may experience that peace which transcends our understanding.
    Love Mogs


  2. Awesome is the word Mark. Anyone who manages a long day of treatment and is still able to come home and engage in the Art-Science debate is pretty impressive in my book!! I’m glad you weren’t feeling so bad this time and hope this has continued this morning. Thanks for keeping in touch.
    I have a picture in my head of that jar filling up now. Love Kate and Mike


  3. Just checkin’ in with ya buddy. The absence of a blog tonight leads me to think you may be feelin’ cream crackered after yesterday’s Double D & further treatment today. So short and sweet tonight. Rest well and I’ll catch up with you when next tap fingers to keys.


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