Like the satellite on a comet

No post yesterday as I just did not feel well at all. The worse day so far. In a lethargic mood start to finish. If Ali had not been there to get me to treatment I would not have made it. Long sleeps. Difficult to eat and drink. Everything tastes like wax now which is not fun. For the first time I understand it when people complain of texture. Never had the problem before. My throat feel slightly ripped, my tongue is just too big for my mouth and has ulcers running either side of it. Woke this morning took my tablets then slept again until now. Will probably do something similar this afternoon. I have not got any treatment today or tomorrow so I shall see how I scrub up after weekend. That poor satellite that was bounced around and then ran out of energy. I feel for it.

Just a warning…might need to start to ask for lifts soon. Please help.


2 thoughts on “Like the satellite on a comet

  1. Mark,

    So sorry to hear you have been feeling rough . I can give you a lift on Wednesday if that helps at all. I’ll try and think of all the bad jokes I know ( that means 2 at least) to see if I can help raise a smile 😄

    Love Rosie xx


    • Evening
      sorry to hear you’ve not had a great couple of days, at least though it’s another two pebbles in the jar. Can’t even cheer you up with a rugby victory i’m afraid since 1st and 2nds both lost at Perse today and of course England failed again. At least the round ball team won!
      With Science, Mathematics and History getting a mention yesterday I thought I ought to throw a proper subject into the mix and get us all to say hello to Latin. There is of course the classic link with fractions too with that well-known quote “Latin fractions aren’t half complicated! ” Apparently they didn’t use halves, thirds etc in an abstract form but would express an amount as a fraction of something specific eg. half of an as and the word semis would often be used to describe this amount – a reminder of the wonderful connection between Latin and English! The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius came up with the saying “Don’t leave fractions with the accountants” – enough said really.
      Bumped into Mrs.Pearman at the Perse and she asked how you, Ali and the boys were all getting on. I gave her a positive view of the situation, how good it had been to see you on Wed at school and that Rachael had popped round last night.
      As you well know, I’m free on Thursday afternoons if you need a lift. Swapping a few golf stories in the car at this time of year is probably more fun than actually going on the course – we’d certainly play fewer shots! Rachael is also free Friday from elevenish.
      Hope you manage to have a decent day tomorrow
      Thinking of you all
      Sandy, Rachael, Ella & Sophie


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