Early post today so that I can concentrate on getting through the day. Still feeling ropey but maybe better than yesterday. Will see the Doc tomorrow to see what can be worked out. 2 weeks down….several to go….must be courageous! Children are being great. Amount of homework that Jacob has because he was away from school is enormous. Little point in being ill might as well tough it out. Feel very sorry for him. Charlie not 100% well either so no rugby for him today. Alison working her socks off and being amazing as always. Make sure you give her love, please, as she needs it too.

Thank you for offers of lifts next week, After Monday I will have a better idea of when Chemo is and the stomach tube being fitted. Cloughy you are on for Tuesday though. I will get Ali to arrange the time. Richy Markham thanks for the book. I will get to it during the illness – I really appreciate you thinking about me.

Due to my lack of taste buds currently everything tastes awful. I had my first cravings for taste yesterday and they were not in any way what I would have expected. The first wish was for Stilton on a cracker…something I really enjoy but I would not have said my first craving – then more strangely I wanted toast with some warm tomato smeared over it and either black pepper on top or thinking more white pepper could be better. I will start a list of foods so that when all is finished and I am getting better the list can be worked through.


3 thoughts on “Early

  1. Hi,
    It was lovely to see you on full management mode last week. Sorry to hear it has been so tough and hope the two day weekend helps. My parents have just arrived to start the big transformation of my house – new wooden floor is our first job and we’ll see after that. If you need a lift, my afternoon off is Monday so more than happy to help. Take care. Emm


  2. Hi Mark,

    hoping that the weekend reprieve from treatment has enabled you to gird your loins and face the week ahead. I know it’s not getting any easier apart from knowing that everyone is a step closer to its completion.

    This might (ok, it will) sound strange, but it was comforting seeing your white van parked in College grounds again. Whilst praying for you guys as I walk the dogs, the van gives me focus and don’t tell anyone, but if no one is around I go up to it and discreetly ‘lay a hand’ on it and say a prayer as it’s the closest I can get to you. Hopefully the prayers are strengthening you through this horrid ordeal… and if the van is running smoothly then all the better!

    It does seem sad that children can’t afford to be ill cos of all the work they have to catch up on. A friend told me of her 6yr old who said that even when he was sent to the sick room at school and was given a bowl cos he thought he might throw up he was given his books to carry on working. What message are we giving to he next generation? Some things are more important than work aren’t they?… sorry going into ranty mode.

    Ironically I now need to sign off to go and do boarders chapel – post remembrance, we’re looking at is religion responsible for war?

    Take care and much love (in that manly, bloky way – grrrr!)


  3. Hey Mark – just managed to catch up with your blog. Sounding remarkably up beat, good on you. Gary has been following you but i don’t hold out much hope in him commenting!I! xxx


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