OW Ow Ow!

The pain in my mouth has accelerated today. Needed to use painkillers for the first time to stop repeating ‘ow’. Red raw inside the cavity and finding it therefore difficult to get anything eaten. Managed some egg and mashed potato. Not at the same time. Chemo moved to Wednesday this week so that I can have the stomach tube fitted on Thursday. Might well be using it more than I thought at this rate. I am going to go for some paracetamol before bed and then picking up stronger painkillers tomorrow at the hospital. Hope I can sleep.

Must drink more water. This is going to be a herculean task as it tastes so foul but will make sure my body is the best it can be. Lots of bullying of myself to drink, drink, drink. Not feeling up for much more tonight. Goodnight.


6 thoughts on “OW Ow Ow!

  1. It sounds as though base camp has been left far behind, the foothills are no more and you’re into the hard and arduous climb. For fear of sounding crash and like a ‘noisy gong’ I want to refrain from the cheap clinches that could fill this space but only offer crumbs of comfort… which for you ain’t no good cos crumbs will only aggravate your throat even more!
    I also know that saying we’re with you mate is sounding pretty hollow too. You’re on a mountain path I ain’t never climbed and to be honest I hope I never will. But as you push to the summit I only hope that these words are like a letter in your rucksack, not burdensome but a reminder that you’re not forgotten and from our vantage point in the foothills we’re cheering you on, willing you on and praying you get a helping hand.
    Tomorrow I’m talking about facing giants – standing up to those that would bring you down. You may not feel like it, but you are inspiring Mr Oh one oh five. Your authentic honesty and downright humanity will be in the front of my mind as I tell the kids the story of David & Goliath.
    Sleep well


  2. Selfy, just thinking. You know how at school in science lessons you get kids to hold their nose and eat something foul like an onion and they can’t taste it, or how you get them to smell a piece of pear whilst they’re eating an apple and it tastes of pear. Any chance of dabbing some fruit juice under your nose or a sticky syrup so you get to smell that as you drink. I guess it’s impractical and you might some strange looks by passers by, but I’m just thinking if any of that science we learn at school could have some practical uses in the real world – just as history does!
    Cheering you on


  3. Good evening Mark,
    how’s it been today? I think WoT went well all though the story of the boy who had been terrorising his mum’s and dad’s sisters ‘cos it was ‘auntie-bullying week’ went down like a damp squib! Nevertheless, the story telling was fun and the school seemed engaged… or they could have been sleeping they were that quiet!
    Had a great lesson with U3JS on the death penalty, they were in sparkling form giving reasons for and against and they’d even begun to evaluate them. I’m looking forward to seeing them get their teeth stuck in to it next week as they write persuasive arguments on the issue.
    Took my ‘girls’ to see the Imitation Game this evening only to see the lovely ‘girls’ from the office seated in the row in front. Barbara was their to admire the ‘acting talents’ of Mark Strong… mmmmh? The little whimpers she made every time he appeared on screen told another story!! Great film, that was both heart warming and heart breaking. National triumph went hand in hand with personal tragedy and it certainly served up plenty of food for thought, as well as justifying my view that the first half of the 20th Century was the most stylish era of men’s fashion!
    Did you manage to get yourself those shoes you’d been ogling? Two of my pairs are being resoled/re-heeled at present (which gave me a reason to wear my blue boots with purple cords… what was I just saying about style and taste?!) Anyway I might as well have bought a new pair- fifty quid for soles on one pair and heels on t’other. Blimey. More than anything though, it shows how little they must pay the workers in other countries who manufacture main stream retailers, when we can buy the complete thing for that.
    Have the joy of Pre-Prep tomorrow. They are just so adorable, assembly first then story time in reception. Switching from them to SS straight after certainly gives the job variety!
    Anyway matey, I’m thinking that by the time you read this you’ll be heading for ‘the tube’. I realise that that ai’nt gonna be a barrel of laughs for you matey – which with your sore throat is probably a good thing. However, however and whatever happens, we’re here in that rucksack you’re carrying. Prayin’ for you mate.


  4. Hi
    The Office Angels (aka “the lovely girls from the office”) feel the time has come to join the conversation and put the record straight regarding our evening out last night when we had the pleasure of the Chaplain sitting behind us. Of course we were there to learn more of the history of events leading up to the breaking of the Enigma Code, thereby shortening the War by two years and potentially saving the lives of 14 million people! And the genius of the man creating the first computer to achieve this “impossible” feat and the appalling treatment of homosexuals at that time running alongside the main storyline added to the brilliance of the film. It’s incredible to think that Alan Turing was born over 100 years ago. Recommend anyone to go and see it! The fact that Mark Strong playing one of the lead roles is drop-dead gorgeous is neither here nor there!!

    How different life was in the independent school sector when a boy considered to be a “loner” or different from the “norm” was buried under the floorboards before nailing him down, placing a table over the top, then running away and leaving him alone to suffer. Although I’m sure the temptation must arise occasionally!!

    Anyway, I’d better get on with some work now as the applications keep rolling in and things are looking very healthy for next year so far. I hope the chemo wasn’t too awful today Mark and that tomorrow goes well; allowing you to intake some much needed nutrition whilst avoiding the painful process of swallowing.

    We are thinking of you all; follow your blog every day and are willing you to come through this in the least painful and quickest way possible. Keep thinking of those pebbles moving into the done jar…

    Best wishes


  5. Hi Mark

    Fiona and I have been meaning to add our little bit to your blog but weren’t sure what to write. However, Ian has given us a good intro as I feel I must point out that I’m far too prim to make whimpering noises – just ask Simon (hubby not Bails) – so it must have been Mrs Ian, or the chap sitting next to her!! However, Mark Strong is rather lovely ….. I thoroughly endorse everything Fiona has said about the film; well worth seeing, when you are feeling up to it.

    We are always thinking of you and missing you lots, especially as we are coming up to the entry testing season and could do with you to keep us on the straight and narrow.

    Wishing you well for tomorrow.


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