Chemotherapy number 3 finished

All done for another day. Chemo this morning from 1000 and then radiotherapy. Had a really long listen to my MacMillan nurse, dietition and doctor dan as they were a bit worried. The pain in my mouth has got to be too bad to eat anything meaningful. They told me off for trying to be too tough and instead let them know what painkillers I really needed. I did not know/ or think I was being tough but just like my dad I do not like to make a fuss. Hopefully new regime of mouthwashes, painkillers, creams, gels. lotions will allow me greater amounts of sleep and make it possible to get food past the burned mouth.

I started to think of some more things I would like to eat when I can again – habas on olive oiled oiled bread sounds good…probably best in the sun.

Up early tomorrow to get into hospital for PEG fitting. Need to have breakfast at 0430 so that I do not contravene nil by mouth instructions. Will be taught to feed and drink through the stomach tube which will undoubtedly help with hydration which is also tough going. Simple things that one takes for granted every day are so hard at the moment. The pain will apparently continue to increase right up until the end of week 6 – it is expected that I will be on some kind of morphine by the end. It is expected that how I feel now will be my pain level in week 9….so this is what Christmas will be like….no turkey! Been given protein shakes on prescription and they will be the bulk of my food for the next umpteen weeks.

The amount of medicine is growing. Here is the picture of my current medicine box on my bedside table:

It does not include my anti sickness and steroids yet!


5 thoughts on “Chemotherapy number 3 finished

  1. Hi Mark

    Fiona and I have been meaning to add our little bit to your blog but weren’t sure what to write. However, Ian has given us a good intro as I feel I must point out that I’m far too prim to make whimpering noises – just ask Simon (hubby not Bails) – so it must have been Mrs Ian, or the chap sitting next to her!! However, Mark Strong is rather lovely ….. I thoroughly endorse everything Fiona has said about the film; well worth seeing, when you are feeling up to it.

    We are always thinking of you and missing you lots, especially as we are coming up to the entry testing season and could do with you to keep us on the straight and narrow.

    Wishing you well.



  2. Hi
    The Office Angels (aka “the lovely girls from the office”) feel the time has come to join the conversation and put the record straight regarding our evening out last night when we had the pleasure of the Chaplain sitting behind us. Of course we were there to learn more of the history of events leading up to the breaking of the Enigma Code, thereby shortening the War by two years and potentially saving the lives of 14 million people!
    And the genius of the man creating the first computer to achieve this “impossible” feat and the appalling treatment of homosexuals at that time running alongside the main storyline added to the brilliance of the film. Also at that time women could study at university but not collect their degree at the end! It’s incredible to think that Alan Turing was born over 100 years ago. Recommend anyone to go and see it! The fact that Mark Strong playing one of the lead roles is drop-dead gorgeous is neither here nor there!!
    How different life was in the independent school sector when a boy considered to be a “loner” or different from the “norm” was buried under the floorboards before nailing him down, placing a table over the top, then running away and leaving him alone to suffer. Although I’m sure the temptation must arise occasionally!!
    Anyway, I’d better get on with some work now as the applications keep rolling in and things are looking very healthy for next year so far. I hope the chemo wasn’t too awful today Mark and that tomorrow goes well; allowing you to intake some much needed nutrition whilst avoiding the painful process of swallowing.
    We are thinking of you all; follow your blog every day and are willing you to come through this in the least painful and quickest way possible. Keep thinking of the pebbles in the “done” jar…
    Best wishes


  3. Hi Mark,

    Really sorry to hear how awful this last week has been. As Fiona has pointed out, keep thinking of the pebbles. Was really lovely to see you last week. You mentioned that you liked to hear about what we’ve all been up to, so here it goes….

    This week I have written thousands of reports, entered what seems like millions of Core Assessment marks/effort grades onto the system, rearranged my classroom, coached Games, sorted my costume for the prefects’ fancy dress day, helped my form group with their assembly for tomorrow ….and introduced the L3 to some very sexy German grammar (Nominative/Accusative). I was extremely impressed that they were able to make the link between German and Latin (thank you, Sandy B!). So far, it’s been a very productive and enjoyable couple of days!

    The last few weeks have been pretty hectic, so today I came home and treated myself to a run around Stansted/Elsenham. Unfortunately I underestimated how tired/unfit I currently am…the way there was fine, the way back felt like I was dragging a bus behind me. I then went and picked up Crumble (golden retriever, 5 months old) from nursery and we went for a little walk. Yes, my little puppy goes to nursery. They take her to the beach, the park etc. and she gets to play with lots of other puppies all day! Anyway, we are now sitting on the sofa together (I’m on the sofa, she is pretty much on top of me) and are about to catch up with the final episode of Downton. May also try and tackle the last slice of chocolate cake that is sitting in the fridge…

    My afternoon off is Thursday. Very happy to help with lifts etc. – although my motorway driving may end up being more like a driving lesson and has the potential to make you feel even worse than you currently do! The offer is there though! 🙂 Also very happy to pick up/drop off the boys to and from school if that is ever needed.

    Take care,

    Imogen x


  4. Selfy – (for the record, could someone point out to our dear Mogs that it’s 0105 and that the first and third digits are both zero which is in fact a number and not the letter between n and p!!)
    Ok – so once again, my message from earlier is lost out there in cyber space again! This will probably not surprise anyone who was in my assembly today, nor Em, who even had to get the ‘clicker’ going for me!!
    It suddenly dawned on me that you were past the half way point with chemo – so I offered to celebrate for you this evening. With reports re-awaiting my attention, it’s probably better that I wait for the weekend and celebrate being past the mid-point of radiotherapy too.
    I have everything possible crossed that your new concoction of potions helps you to sleep tonight. You will feel a little more human if you do, for sure.
    Really like that you’re thinking ahead to habas in the sunshine – no doubt with a few accompanying delicacies for good measure.
    Will ‘gin alley’ be a possibility beforehand? – I do hope so, ‘Gin Self’ will be the only bottle worth having on the table in my opinion!
    To be fair, turkey can be quite dry at the best of times, although I understand your disappointment, but I think we could organise a delayed Christmas dinner for you and your army of supporters as soon as you think you are up to it if that would be something you would look forward to? (Gary????!)
    Anyhow, Get through tomorrow, keep dropping those pebbles in – and be assured, that rucksack must be blinking heavy with all of us inside it.


  5. Hello matey,

    Knowing your historical credentials, I’m sure you are viewing the account by the ‘office angels’ with the right amount of scepticism! The enthusiasm of their “Phoraaaaws” when I caught up with them this afternoon allows me to rest my ‘Strong’ case!
    By the sounds of it, it has been and will be tomorrow quite a day. Trust you to get a telling off for being ‘too tough’. Mind you, I think most of us grow up with the same attitude – not wanting to make a fuss and put people out. I’ve had this idea for a number of years that if I ever ran an independent school (only in my nightmares!) my tag line would be, “The interdependent School”. Why is it that we stress such individuality in the classroom emphasising personal success and doing it yourself, yet on the games field we stress the importance of teamwork and relying on each other. The bible is so non British (no surprise there, then!)and tells us to carry one another’s burdens and somehow I know that when we give others our load and carry other’s, life is better. It means we’re connected, not alone and that means far more than any personal success. I know it goes against the natural order of things but don’t hold back giving other’s your burdens, Mark. To those who are able and want to help, they are a gift, believe me. So ask for as much pain relief as you are allowed and take up those offers from friends who are free to drive.
    Guy (puppet I take to PP) & I did a David & Goliath double act this morning, then it was storytelling with YR and lots of actions!
    SS assembly is based on my forgetting where I put my hard-drive and taking the time to reflect and find yourself/God. I’m sure staff will snigger at the irony at this stage of the term with everyone up to their necks in reports, etc. Still, for all our sanity, it’s something we need to try and take on board in order to find balance in our lives and make sense of it all.
    Keep on trekking up that mountain, matey, and tuck this in your rucksack… which someone else is carrying of course!
    All the best


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