What a weekend

This weekend has been a testament to the unbelievable person my wife is. She has single handedly guided all of us through our lives whilst doing everything in the world. I know she liked seeing her mum and dad on Saturday. I was appreciative of their company and help when needed.

Thankfully the feeding tube has enabled me to get calories inside and therefore I feel a bit more human in the brain. I continue to be extremely tired,,,only having ventured downstairs once today. There was a major panic and phone calls this morning when my tube got blocked for an hour or so. As I took my medication through it, then granules got stuck. The nurse asked which medicine, we told her, and she said that was one that always got stuck! Will no-one mention this to the manufacturer or indeed PEG users so that they are pre-warned. After laying on my back with a warm flannel rapped around the tube and a small syringe to increase pressure the dam was burst….queue song and bouncing bombs. My mouth continues to be more wrecked and is nothing more than a bead door flapping around my mouth. I worked hard to try and eat normally today and managed half a weetabix (mulched) and some carrot and coriander soup – tasted the coriander but by goodness the mouth tingled. I think it was worth it.

Managed three feeds and various painkillers. Just has one of the stronger ones so feel quite weeeee at the moment. Not looking forward to another trip back to hospital tomorrow but Ali is with me and she makes me feel so much safer. I know she can and does deal with everything. What a lucky boy I am. From tomorrow each treatment is one less to go—we are on a countdown…..tomorrow is 15.


One thought on “What a weekend

  1. Good evening sir,

    sounds as though you’ve had a good weekend and you have an amazing wife – no wonder you married her! Proverbs 31 describes the ‘wife of noble character’ and unlike Solomon, it seems as though you have been fortunate enough to find her!
    Went to the Mem Hall this evening to listen to Canon Andrew White. What a guy! A gentle giant of a man (size 16 feet!) who despite suffering with MS has and does do an amazing working supporting all those who are persecuted in Iraq – not just Christians, but Muslims and Jews too.
    He spoke of how the church is also a hospital (he’s an ex-‘gasman’ from St Thomas’ Hospital) and how one of the doctors said that he needed to treat Andrew’s MS. He said he’d googled a procedure that involved taking stem cells from his blood and injecting them into his spine. Though he’d never done it before, he did it the next day and it’s made a huge improvement. He has it done every 3 months and it’s helped with his speech and his coordination. He said the doctors out there just do it as they don’t have the resources or time for research.
    He talked about visiting the shrine of Ezekiel and encountered 2 huge angels there and when a funeral convey of folks who’d been massacred was brought back, above the vehicles there was a multitude of angels travelling above them. In one of his books (his mum’s favourite according to him!) he has photos of the event – cars photographed at night and a white light above them.
    He spoke how ISIL were going into homes and demanding that parents renounce their faith or else their children would be killed… but then a few days later they changed tact and asked the children directly. You can imagine the silence in the Hall as he recounted how two children innocently told the terrorists that Yeshua (Jesus) had always been their friend and so the gunmen shot them dead in front of their parents.
    He was at pains to say how ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, (most of his friends are Muslims) they are just evil terrorists, angry at loosing power and position in the shake up after the fall of Sadam.
    It was a moving, informative and even entertaining evening and has certainly left all of us who were there (about 300) a lot to ponder.
    I’m delighted to see you looking forward positively – knowing every treatment is passed half way is a small, if somewhat painful step closer to conquering the mountain. Try not to ‘gobble’ your food down and get your tube blocked – sip it slowly!
    All the best


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