End of week 4

Never thought that I would get this far. Feel a lot more chipper today as I have been able to keep on top of the pain. It is so important to stagger the medicines. The shorter trip time to hospital helped as I was only 45 minutes late being called in for treatment today. Each radiotherapy is hurting the throat now and therefore this will be the issue for the next two weeks. Only ten radiotherapy sessions to go – they are called fractions bizarrely (see earlier post). 1 more chemotherapy. I feel like I have reached the back straight of this race. I will conserve energy over the weekend and hope that England rugby and Southampton football get wins.

Ian I could not resist getting you something that I found on line. I have made an error though and the Bill of Sale is being sent to your address and I am getting the goods. It arrives on the 1st so I will get Ali to swap the parts. Sorry for being a doof. If a Bill of Sale arrives addressed to Rev Mogs then that is the swap.

Challenge for next two weeks is to lose no more weight. They might need to stop if I do as the mask is fitting less well. I shall need to step up the feeding. Trying hard.


3 thoughts on “End of week 4

  1. As I sit down to write this I was surprised to see that the Saints have gone down 0-3 to City. While washing up earlier they were only 0-1 down and very much in the game. Two late goals in the last 10 mins killed them off it seems. Sorry about that chap, I was hoping you’d take a least a point off them – not only to give you something to cheer about but also stop City’s faltering charge.
    Realise that I’ve not told you about Cabaret yet – it was superb! Even when we had lighting failures (a techie accidently leaned on the on/off switch a few times but the rest were trying to check fuses and all sorts!) the show must and did go on. The choreography, comedy and characterisations were excellent and it was just a great, (if rather long), night. Even before show and during the interval they had singers in the ‘bar’ creating the atmosphere. It was a real theatrical treat… especially when the sailors started chatting up Jeremy!!

    So today marks the start of Advent. At the end of last year I bought Faye and I matching reindeer jumpers and have kept them secretly hidden all year. Bless her, she agreed to wear it to church this morning as I was talking to the kids about Advent and thought it’d look festive… “Greater love has no wife than this – that she lay down her fashion sense and wear a matching festive jumper at the behest of her husband!”

    Tonight we’ve got an Advent service so I’ve been pondering the meaning of the ‘fork handles’ around the wreath; hope, peace, love and joy. The following words aren’t mine, but their truth so resonated with me as I think of you;
    “The hopes of our Faith make no sense from the outside. It’s a rough world, with forces that try to dominate our lives. But we hope in a God of truth and justice to have the final word. In a world where violence and force always seem to win the day, we hope in a force of love that is the supreme power…
    As freedom can only be tasted in all its sweetness by those who know the feel of chains, so joy sings only in spirits enlarged by despair and softened by the brine of tears. Pleasures floats on the surface of life. Happiness flits across a moment but joy springs from the depths. Joy is new life beating in a heart that has been broken. Joy is awakening to a fair morning from a nightmare of reality. Joy is a flight sunward on wings you had forgotten you had. Joy is the sound of laughter erupting from a procession of grief. Joy is God’s melody amid the discord of life, a song carrying the rhythm of eternity and touching the chords of longing in our souls.”
    As I walked the dogs this morning, on the pavement there was a plant that has come through the tarmac. It’s leaves and stem were in a shoddy, misshapen state – all mottled green and brown. But on the end was the most perfect flower, it’s mauve petals so fragile and yet so vibrant. ‘That’s Mark’ I thought – your body and that wretched cancer has taken an almighty pounding, but your spirit is far from washed up. Your blog is evidence of that. In church this morning someone spoke about God going before and behind as we climb the mountains that we face – keeping climbing Mark, the summit is in sight and the Big Guy is there with you every arduous step of the way.


  2. Mark great to see you up on the pitches watching Charlie play. You certainly know a thing or two about hats and did not disappoint with your wooly beanie – have you still got your array of golfing flat caps in readiness for a return to the fairways this summer?
    Not been great week for the Cloughies as Alida slipped in the frost and I strained my right quad on Saturday reffing, Lucy and Emma said something about being parented by two old g**s which is quite true I suppose.
    Amazing to think how close you now are to completing current treatment, a huge well done to you, Alison and boys for the way you have all coped with this situation. Remember I can help on Tuesday if required.
    Last match for 3rd and 4ths this wed vs Caldicott. Will be tough away from home but a great match to win. may need a Valhalha team talk for this one.
    Sorry to see the Saints go down today but better news for both England and Wales on rugby front.
    Emma C had interviews last week for PGCE at Cambs, UEA and London. She loved London as we both do and is hoping for an offer from them this week. Fingers crossed.
    Brill to see you showing the spirit we know you have and do not hesitate to email/text if anything I can do in term or hols as will be around till new year when we head north.
    Love Cloughies


  3. Well Selfy, I hope you have managed some much needed rest and have taken plentiful sustenance through whatever means you can get those calories into your temple of a body. I always knew that losing weight was over-rated so keep it on I say. England boshing the Aussies was enjoyable for the victory but I fear we need a bit more in our locker to beat the big boys, even the Welsh will cause us all sorts of problems in February. I feel I must apologise to you for the recent form of Southampton as I may be responsible! Following their early season form it seemed like a good idea to fill my Fantasy Football team with Southampton players, particularly defenders as they were comfortably topping the points chart in the Daily Telegraph reckonings. Alas since my purchases they have not kept a clean sheet, nor has Pelle scored., On the the plus side I have sold all of my Spurs players leading to an unbeaten run, there is clearly something in it !!
    Reports all done and now on the downhill stretch to the end of term, just a small matter of Caldicott to face on Wednesday, they beat Bedford 10-0, a team we drew 12-12 with with a couple of players short so we’re in with a shot.
    The 400m metre runner suffers lactic acid build up in his muscles, his legs turn to jelly and his body goes on auto-pilot as he enters the last few metres but he is pushed on by the knowledge that he is nearly at the finish line. Keep pushing down that home straight Selfy, you’ll be in single figures to go soon and that sprint to the finish line is on the horizon. We’re cheering you all the way…


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