#9 to go

Had a steady weekend where I thought about looking after myself entirely. Kept all the medication on time and slept/rested for as long as I could. Starting to pick up on the food intake which is really helping, No longer do I have the hunger yelping in my stomach. The consequence is more ease in many other aspects of the day to day body running. I felt 10x better this morning that I did last Monday. It was commented on by all that saw me at the hospital today – I suggested it was amazing what good care one can give oneself with the knowledge and tools rather than relying on overworked ward staff. It is not a surprise to me having briefly visited the wards that people do get lost in the system and older ladies and gents do less well as they can be less pushy. Believe me this is no slight on the ward staff who I feel do work very hard – some people just need more time than others – and there are not enough people to cope.

Radiotherapy done and a very sore mouth and throat as always now. The skin on my neck is starting to burn and I will not be surprised if this becomes blistered/scratches/stretched by the end of the week. Will continue the moisturising regime to stop this if possible. Swallowing liquid is just about still possible but is harder every day. If I can get through the Thursday I will be happy – bought some potato and leak soup to try. Alison gave me my Christmas jumper today – one I have asked for since November – bit of a scratchy neck though as woollen so might keep for a better time.

Couple of pictures of stones and baldy me:



2 thoughts on “#9 to go

  1. Great to see those jars Mr Self and to read such an upbeat blog. In the midst of the ordinary, you bring something extra-ordinary that’s certainly helping us get through this end. Reports for the masses are done and it’s only those further up the food chain that are proof reading et al who are going slightly nuttier than the rest of us.

    Thank you so much for my whiskers, they are, as one has come to expect from you, oh-so stylish. You really shouldn’t have – but am delighted you did. I shall wear them to all the carol services as that’s when I’ll be at my dappiest! I’m so glad they came today as I duly dispatched the growth that was upon my top lip this morning (much to the delight of Mrs Mogs!) and if I had put on your whiskers at the same time as mine were there in their sorry state I’m sure I would have been the butt of much more derision!

    Final WoT! of the term tomorrow, combining choco-pies with war in the trenches and Sainsburys – of course it’ll all make sense! Earlier this year North Korean threatened to launch missiles at those areas in South Korean where activists were letting off large helium balloons that each carried a sack full of choco pies to the North cos the govt there had banned them! Overcoming hate with love – linking with the Christmas armistice of 1914 and hence this year’s Sainsbury’s advert. Marketing have kindly let me have some helium and balloons so this afternoon I was trying to get the balloons to take off with a choco-pie tied on the end. Five filled balloons still didn’t have the puff to get off the ground so I carefully took the pie out of the wrapper, ate it, filled packet with tissue to pad it out and resealed. Hoping it’ll fly out of a box I’ve labelled as dangerous and toxic. I’ll let you know if we get lift off or not.

    Just remembered, I can do the Christmas gag that I made up, all by myself a few months ago and have been waiting to share in WoT!.. Last year for my Christmas present all my family decided to club together… they gave me a broken arm, fractured skull, cracked ribs and a 3 month stay in hospital! What d’ya think? How large a groan will it get from the staff?

    Cloughie was in good spirits despite his war wound today and during the staff meeting Sarah from marketing told me off for making her laugh. I couldn’t help it but Bill told us that two children would be leaving early to go to Panto rehearsals to which my whispered reply was, “Oh no they won’t!”

    Gotta go, other stuff is calling me.

    Before we know it, and then there was eight…



  2. Evening Mark
    Getting late I know but Rachael and I are waiting for Ella to return home from Hammersmith Apollo where she has been seeing James Blunt. She also let us know she took a selfie with Jeremy Clarkson – debate is still going on as to whether that’s a good thing or not! Bumped into Ali at end of school and she said you were more upbeat today – that’ s great news and also it must be so good to see the pebbles in the jar as they are.
    Since we are in the report writing season I could not fail to notice the potato and LEAK soup! Have been trying hard to come up with a witty and amusing play on words but can’ t think of anything clever at all!
    Sorry the Soton boys couldn’t cheer you up over the weekend but at least England showed they could play a bit of rugby even if their one day cricket is still pretty dire.
    have had a cracking week training with the lads and they look in good shape to take on Caldicott on Wed. Would be great if they could finish with a win against quality opposition – we’ll just have to see. Will send some results on Wed evening.
    It’s also good to see Charlie in good spirits each day in the classroom (even when he has to put up with some Msths!) and we are sure Jacob is the same too. And as for the wonderful Mrs.Self – it’s just great to see Ali so positive when we see her at school.
    Let me know when you’re up for a visit – I did say to Ali I’d bring the putter round and we could have a few putts on the carpet! And as in Spain you’d still beat me!
    available to drive on Thursday if required.
    Thinking of you all
    Sandy, Rachael, Ella & Sophie


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