Kick in the crotch

After such a decent day I suppose it was inevitable that today would be tough. Sick from start to finish. Lots of vomiting on the agenda but never quite getting there. Knackered beyond belief and therefore slept enormously, unfortunately highly uncomfortably. Looking for a bit of relax overnight but not sure if I can get it.

Short today but much how I feel.


10 thoughts on “Kick in the crotch

  1. sorry to hear it’s been such a sick day… I mean that in the traditional sense and not the youth speak where sick means spiffing… or words to that effect!

    two months I’ve waited to tell my Christmas present, they all clubbed together joke and barely a groan let alone a laugh. I know there’s that bit in the bible about a comedian (or could be prophet) not being recognised in his own town but perhaps I’m deluding myself and actually it was just a dud.

    Finally got round to watching the film RUSH tonight – movie about James Hunt and Nikki Lada – have you seen it? Great story about two very different guys who come to respect each other’s differences. One lives as though everyday could be his last whilst t’other is meticulous in planning for the future.

    Leave it short myself tonight, early start and busy day ahead.

    Here’s to a sick free, feeling better sort of day. Just 8 to go, the summit is in sight and just a few arduous steps ahead. Keep going, we’re all cheering you on matey.



    • Hi Mark

      I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m really sorry to catch you on such a miserable day – it’s testimony to your strength though, that despite having a ‘kick in the crotch day’, you still take the time to write – thank you.

      I’m loving the jar idea – particularly loving the fact that the ‘done’ jar is whopping the butt of the ‘to do’ jar! I think Rachael told you the vision I had of your tube…large bottle sized tube fed directly into the stomach, whilst you shovel and squeeze roast potatoes, meat and gravy down it…!

      Anyway, just heading off for registration and watching Ellie Hodgkiss prance around the drama studio in a crocodile onesie! Just a typical day at Bishop’s Stortford College! We are preparing for the Upper Third panto, which, as usual, could do with a couple more weeks of rehearsal but, hey ho!! The show must, and will, go on! (OH NO IT WO……stop it!!)

      Charlie is a super star. We have decorated the classroom to high heaven in paper chains and Chrimbo decs (perhaps partly the result of Imogen’s fantastic origami activity), and Charlie has coordinated the majority of it! He has also been ‘choreography’ and teaching 2LN a dance – ‘The Merit Board Dance’, which we regularly perform to adorning crowds (AKA the odd soul that wanders in!) He’s chirpy and in good spirits.

      Thinking of you lots and sending you bundles and bundles of get well and feel well wishes. Thurs is my afternoon off – lifts ahoy if needed x x x


  2. Sorry to hear that yesterday was a bad day. That’s one more pebble in the jar though! Sending you lots of positive thoughts….! Think of all those lovely meals you’ll be able to scoff once this is all over!! I had Charlie in my Origami activity yesterday – he was the only one who managed to make the Christmas tree correctly, much to the annoyance of all the girls in the group! Big hugs xx


  3. Hi mark,
    Hope today has been a better one for you . I was hoping perhaps to have seen you as Wednesday is my lift offer day but instead of that have spent a fortune in Boots as Sophie did her last minute shopping before going off to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand on her travels, leaving this weekend . Having told her that her Xmas presents this time is safely deposited in her bank account she still managed to come out with quite a few items which normally would have been sent to Santa to go in her stocking . So factor 50 suntan lotion for her, and then I looked on the website of Les Carroz to see if there is any snow there for us !!
    One last author visit next Monday with Chris Priestley and his superb retelling of a Christmas Carol and then I shall be on full steam for the festival. Hope you will be well enough to come to that – David Starkey tickets have almost sold out !
    Lots of love and wishing you well, rosiexx


  4. Hi Mark

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough day, let’s hope today was a better one for you? With the balance of the jar firmly moving towards the end, that must give you something to cling on to.
    Big day tomorrow for the Competition House as the final results are announced. As it stands, MJH and GH are neck and neck with 84 points each. Two left to announce, the Library Challenge and Art Comp. Neither of our Houses have won these two (that went to Newbury) but the order for GH and MJH will decide the outright victors. As this is a blog, I probably shouldn’t tell you tonight so hold your breath until the next exciting post!!! – or ask Charlie after school tomorrow.
    with very best wishes


  5. Greetings Mr Self,

    another day down and another stone dropped in the done jar. I’m not sure whether your last double day was today or tomorrow, but we’re with you all the way, matey.

    Just checked on tonight’s footie scores and I see the Saints have gone down again, this time to a late Gunners goal. I’m hoping this blip continues just for one more game as the Saints play the Red Devils on Monday. I know you wouldn’t want to see Herdy and me upset whilst you and Aaron can take the pain!

    Today was as busy as expected with assemblies, services and senior citizens’ party all to arrange. Still, it’s all good fun and generally keeps me out of trouble! Tomorrow I’ve SS assembly followed immediately afterwards with PP Christingle. I only hope I don’t mix them up and speak to the 18yr olds like 4yr olds and vice versa! The variety of the role is perhaps the thing I love most, realising that no matter what their age, people are people…

    However, having said that I was searching through some science websites this morning for the 4th Form philosophy we do this term and came across the fact that whilst we know everything is made of tiny atoms, atoms in themselves are made up of 99.99% of nothing. And, so someone posted on Facebook last week, if you got rid of all that nothingness, you could fit the actual matter of the entire world’s population into the volume of a standard cube of sugar! How amazing is that? Of course, the downside to this is the truth that when someone says, “You’re nothing” they’re 99.99% right. Mind you, that also means we have “nothing to fear”! I’ll shut up now for I’m not sure if this is encouraging or discouraging!

    Moreover, the sub atomic particles that make up atoms are held together by light – which kinda gives even greater meaning to Jesus’ words when he said he was the “Light of the world”! Now I’m thinking that that might be too deep for the kids in the PP Christingle service tomorrow morning!

    As much as I love history (did you see the story about Richard III and the break in the blood line? Rather disappointed in that it gave lots of ifs and maybes but no outcomes) the science behind the cosmos is just fascinating. I hope that for Jacob and the rest of the 4th Form our journey into it has prised open some minds and got them asking further questions. They’re going to be writing their thoughts for prep ready for a debate next week.

    Tomorrow Jane and I are doing our Advent-ure Club in REST – well half of it. So many turned up last week we have had to go to two sessions. We’re looking at PEACE, with it being the second theme of Advent. And on that score, I’ll leave you with the words of Jesus before he faced his Gethsemane moment:

    Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. It is not as the world gives… Do not let your hearts be troubled, do not be afraid.

    Take care matey – thinking of you & praying for you (all)


  6. good afternoon sir,

    with no new news on the cyber grapevine, I’m thinking that you just may be feeling even ickier than you have felt before. So I just wanted you to know that you’re not in that unpleasant place alone.

    Wearing the whiskers today as we’ve got the first of five carol services kicking off tonight. The day’s begun with a bit of a scare as I happened to look at the order of service from the printers and discovered that they’ve missed out two pages! Fortunately Brucie is on the case and hopefully the printing company can get it turned around before 6pm.

    Need to wind up for now as I’m off to lunch with the governors… I’m not sure if that’s cos I’ve been a good or a bad boy!

    Take care


  7. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough beginning of the week. Hope the weekend ahead will give you a bit of a break and a chance to recharge your battery. As others have already said, your strength through all this is very inspiring and hopefully the sight of the done jar is helping. After a week of hard work, my parents have transformed my house into a real home and I have now even got curtains and pictures on the wall (where I want them rather than where I had found hooks!), which all makes such a difference. They are now gone back home so it’s back to a more normal routine. Thinking of you all. Take care,


  8. Evening sir,

    I hope that a day away from treatment has given you some respite from the onslaught.

    I don’t suppose you’ve seen the moon rise these last two evenings – it’s been quite magical. Low in the sky it’s had a soft golden glow and as it’s risen into the starry heavens, gold has dissolved into an icy silver that has shone gloriously. I woke up to a perfect, cold, winter’s morning, not a breath of wind, crisp frost underfoot and a beautiful sunrise. Walking the dogs this morning was just wonderful.

    Oh Mark, here’s me talking about taking a stroll around the foothills of school and you’re still up the mountain pass, shrouded in fog with ice pick and crampons clinging to the sheet ice. Sometimes clinging on is all you can do. I’ve a dear friend who’s also going through a tough at the moment and as I prayed for him I had this picture of a rodeo cowboy astride a wild stallion that was doing it’s utmost to kick him off. To be honest I’d like to think the picture was divine inspiration but it could have been due to me listening to some Glen Campbell a few weeks back! Anyway, whether the picture was from Glen or God the truth of it was unwavering – sometimes all you do is just try and hold on even when everything else is doing its utmost to throw you off. I know the prayers and good wishes of family, friends and colleagues are doing all that they can to keep you tied to the saddle you’re manfully keeping hold of (I realise I’m mixing metaphors again) and whilst we in the foothills look forward to the end of a long and busy term in six days time, I know we ‘re also rejoicing that you will have also completed this round of treatment.

    At the end of this evening’s carol service I have the privilege of blessing all who were there. And as whiskers were with me, so that blessing was for you too:

    May the Father,
    who has loved the eternal Son from before the foundation of the world,
    shed that love upon you his children.
    May Christ,
    who by his incarnation gathered into one, things earthly and heavenly,
    fill you with joy and peace.
    May the Holy Spirit,
    by whose overshadowing Mary became the Godbearer,
    give you grace to carry the good news of Christ.
    And the blessing of God almighty,
    the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
    be upon you and remain with you always.

    Good night matey, I’m off to catch up on MOTD and enjoy watching Chelsea and Arsenal lose!



  9. Mark, I am, as ever, in awe of your strength. I do hope that the days to come will be much better for you and you are always in my thoughts.
    As you can imagine, we had a very excitable bunch of children in House assembly yesterday following the announcement of our win! They have worked so hard and have pushed to win as many competitions for you as they could 🙂
    I am deep into planning and organising for House supper, as well as getting the Panto done and dusted…. I’m sure that Luci has mentioned about me having to wear a crocodile suit! It does NOT look good!!
    Keep your spirits up, Mark and take care. Sending lots of love,
    Ellie x


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