Long time no hear

Have not been in any place to write much recently. Most of my energy has been devoted to trying to stay afloat. Really getting to the tough end of this treatment. Finished my chemo, which is wonderful. It has been tough and I still feel sick from the treatment on Thursday. Lots of vomiting occurring. The major issue now is mucositis…or something like that. My mouth is ripped apart and this has led to phlegm vomiting about every hour but no hard and fast rule. 4 boxes of tissues in 48 hours is good for their business. 5 days of radiotherapy to go and then the trip back to health. By all accounts it will probably take about 2 weeks for things to start turning around. Not sure how quick the recovery but it will be good not to be so reliant on morphine for pain relief.

Worry for the week ahead as all people on the treatment that I have got to know have had to be hospitalised due to their associated issues with radiotherapy. Got quite a sunburn on chest and neck and have to keep that under control. All told it is all pretty damn crappy. Thank you to those who write messages, it is greatly appreciated and I will cling to any old information. Anything to take my mind away from such a low point. End of weekend now and with the help of Alison and the boys I have rested and kept up with all treatments I needed. I start the final week as best I can. Fingers crossed that this week goes quickly.

Shame I missed carol services as they are so special at school – to all a Merry Christmas and I am definitely looking forward to a brand New Year….no drinks at midnight this year though…I finally have an excuse to be in bed before 12.


3 thoughts on “Long time no hear

  1. Great to hear from you and good to see you feel well enough to write a few words. Here’s to the last 5 pebbles I say! I can just see an empty jar on Friday evening/Sat morning and then looking forward to a rewarding 2015 for you, Ali and the boys. Hope the week goes well and, as you always have, keep your spirits up.
    All the best
    Sandy, Rachael and the girls


  2. Great to hear from you Selfy.

    we need to get you back to work cos all this lazin’ around ain’t doing you any good. I mean, ‘phlegm vomiting’ what can of past time is that? This does not sound like the kind of craze we need to catch on around school. Can you imagine the chaos that’d bring? I’m just hoping this is a passing fad that will fade away very soon.

    So five last steps to take then a fortnight before you start to feel human again. With the finish line almost in touching distant, just keep focusing on each day at a time. Let the line come to you rather than you strive for the line.

    The Shellites were in fine form this morning, belting out their songs beautifully in the service. I do think we should teach the children everything in song for they remembered every single word to every single song so there has to be a market out there for getting kids to learn ‘boring’ facts through a jolly tune.

    You have climbed the Iger brilliantly Mr Self and we is just looking forward to you making a safe decent. I pray that the ‘mountain’ sickness abates sooner rather than later – not only for you but for the forests that have been devastated in keeping up with the demand for tissues!!

    God bless


  3. Tuesday is nearly done – I’ve two carol services to go and you’ve got 3 treatments. So how was it today? Pants – really pants -or no pants at all?!

    Been a bit hectic here, day started with long skinny sausages – long skinny sausages after a ‘fast’ day is a real treat and one I look forward to – especially as I could actually have them today. Usually sorting out WoT! so don’t get time but today being Prefects Day meant long skinny sausages for moi – yum.

    Then to Mem Hall to set up projector. Ah, first hitch of the day. I know we’d chosen, ‘in the bleak midwinter’ but we didn’t need the screen to add to the 18th century backdrop I’s inserted of some shepherdess watching over her flock in a snow covered field by the displaying digital (we’ve got interference from somewhere) snow. Despite a last minute change of font colour, it was very noticeable that most of the SS could read the words in the blizzard. Ho-hum!

    Lessons followed by set up for the old folks party. Fortunately one member of the CSC did turn up to help (there were meant to be half a dozen) so it was a little tight for time but we got there… just before the first guests pitched up a full 40 minutes before the party was meant to start. Was I stressed?… Na… well, ok, a little. Still, students and other staff members pitched in serving drinks, making conversation, helping with the quiz and providing the most marvellous entertainments – although one table asked if we could build a stage so they could see better next time!!

    I’d better go and don me gown as punters will be winding their way to the Mem Hall for the boarders carol service. Take care young man. Thinking of you (all) and prayin’ too.



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