Long time since last post

Not sure if I would carry this on but based upon the challenges that I still face every day I think I need to get it out there. Hospitalised at the end of the treatment where my body was telling me that it was close to taking no more. The thought of facing the journey to cause more pain was not going to happen. I rest my case with hospitals and their potential for individual care on this visit. Soulless, dull, numbing, noisy. overcrowded, under staffed…..

Got home and then had a Sunday before going back to the consultant again. Over the past week or so the energy that I have to do things has increased slightly although there are still days when I need to sleep lots and no days yet with no naps. I have been able to spend more time in the company of the children downstairs although not a massive amount. This is very encouraging. I have needed to be put on an evening feeding regime with a pump as I am finding it a difficulty to eat all the calories I need. Mainly due to being sick so often. It has definitely helped,

The biggest problem is the mucus which has the effect of disrupting my sleep and make me sick. It is this symptom of the treatments that I want gone. No-one seems quite sure when it will end but I thought they said improvements after 10 days-ish..well we are there today so I am expecting. Hope you are all well and looking forward to a good Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Long time since last post

  1. Hi Mark,

    Sorry to hear that you’re still feeling this rough. Try to remain positive – you’re out of hospital and are able to spend more and more time downstairs…baby steps…just hang on in there! We’re all thinking of you!!!

    Charlie and I are having a very quiet Christmas this year – just us, Strudel (the cat) and Crumble (the dog). We’ve been looking forward to shutting ourselves away from the world for a while! Been on lots of walks and made full use of our Netflix account. Off to brave the shops today….might regret that decision!

    Take care,

    Imogen xx


  2. Hi there
    After clearly what has been a difffcult 10 days or so it’s great to hear from you again. Your positive approach (sounds like school report!!) continues to be just amazing and a great example to anyone of us who might ever come across any minor crisis. I know Rachael popped in last week and said you made it downstairs. Let’s hope you get to do plenty more of that over Christmas and each day becomes a little easier.
    We’re just off down to Bristol and I will be driving to Rugby on Christmas morning to see my mum and dad.
    To all the Selfs, here’s to an enjoyable Christmas and we will all be thinking of you over these next few days. We will be in touch before 2015 starts!
    Finally on a sporting note we must now put some money on Eoin and his English pals for the world cup. Surely the luck of the Irish must be on our side!

    Catch up soon
    Sandy, Rachael and the girls


  3. Thanks for the update Mark -even if it’s not the news we’ve been hoping for – we all want you well, well, well, not blurgh, blurgh, blurgh. At least we know where you currently are on the road to recovery and will pray accordingly.

    Well the carol service I spoke at on Sunday went with a bang – but not one I had planned. The table I needed had to get put to the side whilst the kids did their stuff and then when I began in my enthusiastic way I dragged on the table to centre stage – forgetting that their was an advent wreath behind me in full blaze. The moment after my backside bumped into it seemed to last an age as the congregation gasped and I realised what I’d done but my responses could not react quickly enough as it tipped and swayed then fell spectacularly with a bauble shattering crash! Oh how I longed to be swallowed up, but instinctively smiled, laughed it off and carried on – whilst feeling like a right Charlie.

    Finally finished icing cakes, making gluten free pud for daughter, Christmas chutneys, damson gin and chocolate coated honeycomb – although the non stick paper has stuck in places. Did sample eating it with the paper on and you can’t tell so I’m hoping my family won’t notice… and won’t get taken ill afterwards!

    Tomorrow evening we’re hoping to have a peaceful family meal, just the 4 of us before we up sticks and go visiting everyone in the few days. I’m hoping to be able to watch Joyeux Noel – the film based on the 1914 truce but my girls don’t seem too interested. I love them to bits, but there are times when it would have been nice to have had a lad as well to share watching the fictitious and factual war films I so enjoy watching!

    Anyway sir, here’s to you being free of the mucus that is making life so yuk. Despite all that you are enduring, we pray that even for a short time you may enjoy having family with you over the next few days and you’ll continued to be strengthened as we head into the New Year.

    Take care and God bless



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