Getting on

Back to the Doctor today. No longer anaemic and the doctor was pleased with the progress I have made. Feel as if I am making progress. Plenty of sleeps still needed during the day. Have not had good nights recently and have my fingers crossed for tonight. My mum, dad and brother are coming to visit tomorrow and I am a bit excited. I hope that I can stay awake for long enough to make their journey a good one. I do want to show off me getting a bit better now.

The one aspect that I really want to go soon is the mucositis. The phlegm is interminable and makes one sick. It makes eating and drinking more difficult. I am really pushing to be back drinking with a week to a week and a half. Even starting wet food again. This will depend on the recovery from spitty bits.

Lot more perky all around. Thanks for continued support – still a way to go!


One thought on “Getting on

  1. Your long road to recovery reminds me of the fact that Easter may be ages away but Crème Eggs are already in the shops. Both might be distant but both are almost in touching distance too. The signs are there but there’s also a way to go.

    I’ll have a word about you’ not being able to sleep and the mucositis – you must be so fed up with both and I can well imagine just how your body must be yearning for a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Tonight we’ve just said goodbye to my brother and his family, which came after the last few days staying with parents and meeting up with outlaws and friends. Great to see them all but nice to see them go too. The start of term beckons and there’s lots to do. 20+ years of teaching I know it’ll all get sorted but somehow that feeling of doubt and wondering where to start doesn’t go away. Ho hum, I just need to dive in and get on with it.

    I really hope you have a great time with your folks tomorrow – they’ll just be pleased to see you and won’t be expecting you to perform as much as you’d like to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed for them. So take it easy on yourself and just be who you are at the moment. The great thing with a loving family is that you don’t have to put on an act but can be yourself – no matter how it is you’re feeling.

    Planning on going to the cinema tomorrow to see Gods & Kings – I’ll give you a review afterwards as usual!

    Take care


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