Brilliant to see family yesterday. Thanks to Gary for driving mum and dad. Not as smooth as it could have been. From my point of view it was great. I was on pretty good form as well so at least people know I am slowly getting better. Started to get new pain last night. The back of my throat feels unbelievably ouch…probably just repairing but had to take extra pain killers to deal with that. Thought it might have been the talking yesterday but have woken this morning with the same issue. Have had my meds and will see what happens. Food went down OK this morning which is new. I have had trouble keeping it down recently.


4 thoughts on “Throat

  1. Happy New Year Mark and to the rest of the Selfy clan!! I’m excited to hear that you are feeling a lot better but I know there’s a long way to go.

    Anytime you or Ali need my help please don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

    Much love to the Selfy family

    From Gaz xx


  2. Happy New Year mate! So glad to hear of the improvements and that you are feeling better. Glad that your Mum, Dad and Gary had a good visit- send them my best wishes. Dad and Hilary send their love and wanted to let you know they are thinking of you and Alison. Back in Stortford on Sunday and hoping to catch up if you feel up to it.


  3. hey Mark,

    so good to read such a positive blog. I think many of us know how loving and being loved by family is such a restorative experience.

    The hols are almost over I have that same feeling of returning to school I have had since I was a child; apprehension and a wondering if I’m truly ready for what will be. It’s that diving board moment (not that I’ve ever jumped from a high board), looking down and thinking about what could go wrong yet knowing that when you step off, it will not only be alright, but the descent will be rather enjoyable.

    Part of the problem is that my term plan is already chocful with what I should/will be doing when and yet I’ve not got it all sorted. Nevertheless, holding on to the notion that the future only comes one day at a time helps to keep me steady!

    Delighted to hear that food has been staying down and whilst the throat is very painful, I’m hoping no mention of mucus means it has not been as problematic.

    I’m sure Alison and the boys may have mixed feelings about the start of term after having had the luxury of being at home with you these past three weeks. We’re thinking of them.

    Take care and I hope you’re able to enjoy the thrills and spills of FA Cup 3rd round weekend. The Saints v the Tractor boys – a divided family there then on Sunday afternoon!


    PS James & Ellie Rayburn welcomed Rory into the world a few days ago – at 9lbs plus, I think he’ll be taking after his father!


  4. Hi Mark,

    two days back and we’re in full swing. Just finished tomorrow’s assembly for the SS asking what do we mean when we say Happy new Year? Is it a declaration or an aspiration? Is it a place we can get to? The powerpoint is primed and ready to go, I only hope the projectors are working!

    went to see the Theory of Everything last night – great film. well acted and the courage and determination shown by both Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane is very moving. well worth a watch when you are able to get out.

    Those Tractor boys nearly gave your Saints a shock on the weekend, what are they playing at? The replay should be interesting.

    How are you doing? I’m hoping the recovery is on track and moving in the right direction (sorry that so sounds like a member of the government talking about the economy!).The white van ensures that you’re always remembered – though I try to loiter… I think the van was feeling uncomfortable!

    Take care and continue to take your time



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