Still not feeling as I would like. Pain exists in the throat that is stopping from moving forward with too much eating and drinking. Had a small amount of yoghurt to eat the ‘real’ way last night. That was a bit of a coup. It was tough but I proved to myself that I can move forwards. Drinking water is possible but I crave for taste. I have a fruit juice craving but of course it is really acidic and when I have tried it my face has screwed up in pain. More and more there is a realisation that this recovery is going to be very slow. I must not set myself targets but rather let the issues follow their course. Of all things I wish my sleep at night would be better. Last night was a bad’un with lots of phlegm and I not much more than 20/30 mins sleep at any one time. Starting to get a bit worried about time scales for recovery. Keep calm Self and just go with the flow.


2 thoughts on “Continuing

  1. You are exactly right, Mark. Take it one day at a time and we are all here for you, anytime. Sending love and best wishes. Ellie x


  2. Selfy
    Sorry you are not feeling too brill. You have however just gone 12 rounds with the equivalent of Mike Tyson crossed with George Foreman and will need a bit of rest and recuperation before bouncing back to normal. Think and focus on the warmer months ahead when you will feel more able to sit out or start to walk. Having just got caught in the thunderstorm this afternoon I would not rush or fret about getting out just yet.
    Patience and resolve still needed- sounds like a school report!!
    All the best


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