Less gunk

Definite improvements in the last week. The phlegm is getting less. I have not been sick on any day in the last 4 so that is very pleasing. Throat still hurts and pain killers are being popped but even this might be turning. Not quick enough for me. I have stayed awake all day for the last two days although this did make evenings a bit tough. Not sure what the best way to organise myself is yet. I even watched a whole film on Netflix. This is a first since treatment began. Lots of positives – I have been able to drink water properly and even eaten yoghurt…it all tastes similar to what I imagine manky feet would taste like but it is a start. This afternoon I am going to try some plain porridge. If I can demonstrate that I can eat a significant amount of calories orally them they will take out my tube. I want that to happen before the end of Feb if possible. Voice needs work and gets tired quickly. I am sure this will improve as my throat does.

Love to all.


4 thoughts on “Less gunk

  1. That is great news Mark, little steps though, you have been through a major life change and been pumped with chemicals, your body must still be in shock so resting is vital ( but I understand why you want to get back to normal as quickly as possible!) Really hope the eating becomes easier and a more pleasurable experience again, without pain when swallowing. Had a catch up quickly with Alison yesterday. You have all been amazing in dealing with this, family love is a wonderful thing, being ill is horrible and makes you vulnerable but you have faced this head on and I am full of admiration for you. Keep going and finding the positive. We are all here for you. Love from Mandy xxx


  2. good evening Selfy,

    just watching old Starkey pompously upsetting the Question audience and chairman! He’s quite a character – I always remember the day Diana died. ITV news had him in the studio and asked for his views about her – being ITV they were hoping for something warm and woolly to fit the mood. He was having none of it and cold as ice talked about her manipulation of the media. You could see how awkward the newscaster was and imagine the producer behind the scenes screaming, ‘Get him off!’ He didn’t appear again that morning unlike other guests/experts.

    Delighted to read about all the positives, that is good news indeed. Manky feet, eh? I saw how you slipped in the imagine bit but really, you gotta stop biting your toes, no matter how flexible you are!

    No films to report on this week, marking mock papers, doing SS assembly on the free speech/Charlie Hebdo issue has had me burning the midnight oil. It seemingly went well, with positive feedback from pupils and staff, even if I did run a minute or two over time.

    Went with Form 1 to two Hindu temples earlier this week. Across the road at the Neasden one was a fabulous vegetarian curry restaurant which we all ate at. The food was really well cooked and everso fresh. Once those taste buds are back a cultural trip to north London and visiting the spectacular architecture and sampling the excellent food is well worth it. Good value too.

    I’m sleeping down with the dogs again tonight – Alfie has been unwell these last few days and we’ve woken up to a rather unpleasant mess on several mornings this week so I’m staying down so I can chuck him out if necessary. I rather like it – it’s an indoor adventure!

    Me, the white van and the Big Man have a little chat every morning – she misses you! I tell her it won’t be long till your back pootling along. Take care and keep smiling. The Saints victory over Utd and the Tractor boys this week have helped I’m sure!



    • Hi Mark, so good to hear all of those positives! But as Mandy says take it little steps at a time however frustrating that will be . Full of admiration for you all , but do remember there are so many of us willing to help too if you need it .

      Only 2 weeks till the Festival starts now , so I am feeling the pressure ! So glad David Starkey showed his true colours again so close to his appearance here ! Glad that one is already fully booked. Senior School did a great assembly on the other acts so hope that helps fill the remaining seats!
      Lots of love
      Rosie xx


  3. Hey Mark,

    another Saints win – you must be happy. If it hadn’t been for your previous mountain top excursions I’m sure you’d be feeling nauseous as Saints haven’t been so high since the Laurie McMenemy (??) and Kevin Keegan era back in the early 80s!

    Heard the sad news today that Sandy’s dad passed away over the weekend. ‘Barny’ was quite a character at Bilton Grange. I was some young fresh faced 25 yr old who’d only known state school and here was an old school Prep master the likes of which I had never encountered before in my life! He’d taught there for over 30 years and was – straight down the line with the kids and yet he had a wicked sense of humour and was tremendous fun socially. He loved having a swift one at lunchtime in the staff bar and he and his wife Rita loved social occasions with the staff. He was the selector one was out to impress in order to be called up to play in the’ Bilton Bucaneers’ staff team against Rugby School’s Old Guard.

    I’m feeling a little nervous at present as I’ve invited Pro Edgar Andrews to come and speak at the Ferguson Lecture on Wednesday. Never met the guy before, just read his book over the summer and thought his analysis of the science that explains how we got here was amazing. Like all these things you hope that he’ll go down well and that there will be a sufficient audience so the event is seen as a success. But with the lecture clashing with PS games matches and the SS activity programme, one doesn’t know how many will be able to come.

    At the weekend Faye and I thought we’d have a look at the latest offering from Love Film that came in the post. None of us remember requesting, ‘The act of killing’ but thought we’d have a butcher’s. Oh my, it was a documentary about gangsters who, on behalf of the government (Malaysia, Philippines not sure exactly) carried out the systematic and brutal murder of communists back in the 1960s. And these old mob leaders had been asked to make a film to show what they did. As you can imagine the bit we saw wasn’t the most entertaining, romantic, feelgood film we’d ever watched! Tomorrow, if I get everything done, we’re due to see Wild with Reese Witherspoon. Reviews seem good, but I’ll let you know once/if we’ve been.

    Take care matey and I’ll blog soon



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