Getting better?

The pain in the throat is definitely less. I will start to think about reducing my painkillers this week coming. I have started eating real food…admittedly whizzed up but at least that is progress. I have managed to eat a casserole, soup, milkshake and even some tinned pears. Looking forward to a poached egg or two today.

Just feeling a bit more with it is ace. I need to start some physiotherapy now. I have lost a lot of weight quickly and much of this is muscle mass around the arms, shoulders and legs. I have to start walking and going out to build myself up for a return to work in the future. Tiredness is an issue…I can make it until about 5pm before I need a snooze. Night time is difficult with phlegm and getting to sleep. At least when I do sleep it is quite restful.

I feel so great when I look back at where I was. I will take nothing for granted but pleasing progress.


2 thoughts on “Getting better?

  1. Oh Mark,

    that is great news, although I’m hoping the whizzed up soup, casserole milkshake and pears were not an experimental all in one 4 course meal!
    If you’d like a walking buddy, please do say. I take the dogs out twice a day and we’d be more than happy to bimble along with you one afternoon if you were up to it. (The morning walk is at 6am and I don’t think you’d wanna come out then… even I don’t wanna go!)
    I’m sure the weekend’s FA cup results were a bit of a shock – losing to Palace was certainly not on the cards and as for Chelsea and City – that certainly has left the competition wide open. I’m just hoping that Utd can get passed the mighty Cambridge!!
    I said I’d give a review of Wild – the film we saw earlier this week. We really enjoyed it – based on the true story of Cheryl Styder – a woman who’d lived a ‘wild’ life and set off on a 1,100 mile hike reflecting on her life journey. Reese Witherspoon has come along way from Legally Blonde and gives a great performance. Part way through the film I kept on wondering if this was the story Woman’s Hour serialised during the summer… though the WH abridged version didn’t mention anything about the heroine addiction!
    I hope you’ve enjoyed having Alison and the boys around this exeat weekend – I know I’ve U5th reports I could have written but I’ve actually done very little schoolwise and it’s been blissful. I only hope I don’t pay for it later in the week!
    Anyway matey, thanks for the update- may that road to recovery continually get easier and easier.
    Take care


  2. Greetings Mr Self,

    we’ve made it to half term -phew! Scarily we’re half way through this year… just where did it go? For the exam years, we have less than 5 weeks to complete the course and try and squeeze in some revision – oo-er! It’s going to be tight but we’ll do our best.

    So how have you been this week? Hopefully the strength is continuing to return, the mucus is abating and the land of wellbeing is not too far away. If you are able, try and get along to see Selma – a terrific film about a particular episode in MLK’s campaign to get equal rights for blacks in the US. There are some wonderful performances and the story is both shocking and moving in equal measure.

    Yesterday in the SS I encouraged them to go ape and celebrate ‘Darwin Day’ – it gave me the opportunity to offer a few thoughts on Stephen Fry’s eloquently frank answer to what he’d say to God at the pearly gates. If you’ve not seen the interview, check it out on You Tube. He understandably speaks passionately about the injustice of life and has like many folks before him, concluded that either God doesn’t exist or is a sick son-of-a-gun if he does. I was interested to find that CS Lewis had thought in a similar way until he then asked why it was that he felt this great sense of injustice if there was no ultimate Justice. Without wanting to preach I just challenged the amassed throng to stand betwixt the two citadels of scientific theory and religious doctrine and ask the awkward questions until they find the answers that make most sense.

    Tomorrow we’re venturing to the Big Smoke, to see some contemporary dance that I bought Faye for Christmas. But before that meeting up with eldest daughter and boyfriend for some eats. Should be a good family day.

    I hope your weekend goes well and the rest of the week too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy having Alison and the boys about and hopefully you’ll be able to do some things together if you’re feeling up to it.

    Take care good buddy – I’ll let you know what I thought of the guys leaping around in tights!



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