Moving forward

I am not going to say that I do not have pain in the throat or indeed that I am not tired every day but I can really feel improvements. Each day is a little easier to get through. I am sure there will be days when I have knock backs and these I shall have to cope with. Thinking back to some of the bad days and nights I had in December and how I feel now, it is very exciting. I do have a few worries about going back to work next month as my voice goes quickly and I get so dry in the mouth. I hope healing continues apace.

Food is very difficult and I am a bit of a coward in trying new things. I am worried about what might happen if I swallow it badly. Having said this I had a Mug Shot today which had pasta in it. Whilst it hurt the throat and pain shoots to my left ear, I managed to eat 10 or so spoons of pasta. Very proud of myself. Watched some golf on TV today and started thinking about hitting a ball again. Not now but in the future…definitely moving forward. Tonight I think I will look at golf weapons and see whether there is a 3 wood with my name on it. Maybe some nice golf buddies might walk with me for a slow three holes sometime soon…when a bit warmer.

I have ventured out the door to the library and got a couple of good books. Missing my book club tomorrow…I did not manage to read the book but hope the boys have a good time.  Took the little Self to the Hobbit movie at the weekend which was fun. I managed to stay awake and keep control of my throat. Great to go on a trip. Saw some staff at school on Monday night and realise that I miss them. They were very kind with some lovely words. Received so many lovely cards since I have been ill but one that arrived this week was very touching as an old tutee had taken it upon herself to get messages from her old tutor group. So lovely..had a small tear in the eye. They are all at University now maybe even in their 2nd year. A long time since I had them as a group.

Hope for a good sleep tonight and feeling even better tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Such good news Mark, you really are making wonderful progress. Wasn’t that lovely of Ange to get all your old tutor group together and send you good wishes, they are in fact in their third year of University and still remember you with such affection, that says an awful lot about you and how you have inspired them, being a teacher can so often be a thankless task but when you are made aware that you actually do make a difference in the lives of children you teach or care for it reminds you that it is all worth while!! I hope that you carry on looking forward with such positivity and that your healing does indeed continue apace.
    Maybe you could make a snowman today!!
    love from Mandy xx


  2. It is so wonderful to read of your progress, Mark. You say you miss staff, well I have to say that I really miss you and am so happy that you are slowly getting there. Look forward to seeing you in the near future.

    I have to say, your blog is so inspiring, and this entry has been a particularly special one. Sending love and best wishes, as always. Keep strong!

    Love Ellie x


  3. Evening fella,
    Great to read you’re on the up and up… or should that be the down and down if we’re maintaining the mountain imagery?! Faye’s left me tonight so I’m comforting myself with cheesy mash… lovely… oh, I’d better add that I’m expecting her back on Sunday, she’s just visiting parents! Bless her she’s told me to enjoy the freedom whilst leaving me a list of jobs to do!! With teaching tomorrow, prep for Sunday’s service, dog walking and church, I don’t think that I’m going to have the opportunity to get the brush out of the tool box let alone paint the town red!!
    faye and Molls went and saw Mordecai in the week – it’s had pants reviews but they seemed to enjoy it. I was report writing but decided enough was enough and so went to the late showing of Ex Machina – now that’s a film worth watching. Lots of philosophical and ethical issues wrapped up in a gripping drama about AI. If you get the chance and are up to it, try and catch it – or just add it to your list of films to catch up on when it goes to DVD.
    I went to see Robin Ince as the opening act of the Lit Fest tonight. I enjoy his guest spots on the Now show, and he didn’t disappoint. Brought science and comedy together in a most humorous way. He asked how many of us had ever had the thought of throwing your baby down the stairs and were then shocked at having the thought. There weren’t many of us who put up our hands (so had the uneasy, oh no they’re all thinking we’re psychos, moment for a few minutes!) but he went on to tell us that we’re actually the most caring cos our subconscious is actually planning ahead – warning us of potential danger… although I didn’t have the opportunity to ask him if that was still the case if you had the thought of not jut dropping your baby but whacking her against a tree!! Shocking isn’t it and I remember being shocked that such a thought should fly through my head, but it did… and straight out with no action being taken I hasten to add before social services are called!
    Take care sir, and carry on travelling along that road of recovery. We’re still cheering you on matey.


  4. hey matey,

    it was so good to see you earlier this week – thanks for making the effort to come in, your presence certainly gave us a lift. I have an idea as to how this whole experience has brought about a change in how you now see life so please hang on to that – taking each day as it comes and whilst trying not to worry about the thought of returning to work at the end of the month. It maybe that as you get stronger so the pace of recovery will increase – but then again, it may not. Frustratingly for you, there’s not a lot you can do about that, so continue to accept the pace your body is prepared to go and the other stuff will happen as and when. Mark I know how easy it is for me to type this and yet if roles were reversed I’d probably be having the same anxieties as you, but what matters most in all this is you – school can and will survive until you return when you are good and ready.

    Saw Testament of Youth earlier this week – it wasn’t advertised and only had the one showing per day which is a shame as it was an absorbing film-For the generation born in the 1890s or so, there’s was a generation that knew suffering unlike any other. And of course, not only was it a cracking story but the clothes on show were just so classy. Oh I hope I’ll still be alive when the wheel of fashion turns back to that era for its inspiration!.. but then again I wear what I wear and never care about fashion anyhow. Today I was taking SS assembly so went for the Downtown look – heavy, thick vintage suit (high-waisted trousers – turn ups and double pleats) with olive green waistcoat (pocket watch – managed to break strap of wrist watch whilst performing with a class at the start of the week) and white penny collar striped shirt. I’m hoping that once the girls and dogs are no longer at home I shall spend summer holidays whilst Faye is working as an extra on period dramas! I’m sure I’d love it.

    The assembly was about the bible – well I thought it’d tie in with the Literature festival. Gave a brief how it got here, looking at composition, how folks interpret it then how it’s been banned by the Church, the communists and still in 52 countries today. Love it or hate it, there’s certainly something about it for it to provoke such a reaction! As always you have no idea how it goes down but just getting the kids to sit and listen to some of the great passages, like 1 Corinthians 13 on the subject of love, or Matthew 5 and the Beatitudes one can only hope that something will have sunk in even if it was just for the poetry of the pieces let alone the aspiration of the words.

    Off on a 6th Form revision conference tomorrow with Suzi and the L6th in Cambridge. Oh the sacrifice – not only will I be missing donuts at break time but cod and chips at lunch. It’s had better be worth it!

    Must stop now, the ginger wine I sipped earlier is messing with my eye lids!

    Take nothing but care my boy!



  5. Good evening fella,

    It’s been lovely having you pop in to school – your presence has created such a positive vibe and we’re all looking forward to seeing you return on Saturday… even if you, understandably, may have mixed feelings about it. It’s bad enough returning to school after a week’s break so for after all this time, after all you’ve been through, I can only imagine what you’re feeling.

    Being a Tuesday, I made time for the movies this evening. Kingsman was the film of choice and what an enjoyable action romp it proved to be. The violence was so over the top and yet so beautifully choreographed it was suave savagery at its best. You’ll appreciate how I appreciated the secret hideout set in a Saville Row tailors – and the discussion about the qualities needed to make a gentleman ought to be part of the National Curriculum! As reviewers had warned, the penultimate scene of the movie was a ‘lads’ gag’ that did the film no favours at all. Nonetheless, overall it was a hugely enjoyable two hours and eight minutes and whilst I’d love there to be a sequel, you know that it’ll probably let you down – they usually do.

    Assemblies this week have a Lent & Fair trade fortnight feel to them. I told the kids today about my unsuccessful search at Tesco last night for FT chocolate (they only had one type) and how I used it to FT’s advantage by politely raising the issue at Customers’ Services and got to speak to both duty managers and ask why they had so little choice and why were they not promoting FT fortnight? Hopefully the children may add their voices and we can see some change!

    Anyway chap, must leave it there and sort out my talk for PP tomorrow morning.

    Take care



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